Four Steps You Can Take Now to Reduce Depression

Depression and Counseling

Stop Depression Now: Four Tips

Counseling Tips that Reduce Depression

What happens when you have a sense of quiet, despair, depression, and feelings of blah? Whether you experience clinical depression, seasonal affective disorder or just those thoughts of sadness, there are several steps you can do that will make you feel happier.


1. Get more time outside.

With spring upon us, go outside! A window usually is not enough. Regular lights do not create the full light spectrum; they usually only have the lower tones and purples.  Sitting by a natural light source will benefit but, replacing some of your bulbs in your household to bring full-spectrum light can really help. A number of research studies have shown that full sunlight lamps can assist with depression and the thoughts of blah. Lamps usually run $18-$42 dollars, a lot cheaper than counseling.


2. Get more exercise.

Gym time lets off inborn endorphins in your body. I was at a forum last year and one presenter was discussing how some studies are showing that exercise combined with counseling is more effective than psychiatric medication. Even a short walk or taking the longer route is effective. With the weather improving, get outside a few more times this week.

3. Get more greens.

Veggies can support with reloading the muscle’s minerals. Multiple colors in your diet are helpful. A diet of less processed snacks helps to make the brain more  receptive to time outside.

4. Get more socialization.

When I work in therapy with people dealing with mood changes, they often get into a cycle of alone time. They don't feel like being out of the house or doing anything, which makes them feel like they don't want to go out and do anything. To break this cycle, start with small steps in the right direction by getting to know people, have lunch, or go out for coffee.

Once you try these tips, you will hopefully see changes. With that said, you also need to think about when to talk with your counselor about pursuing more approaches.

As with any change, it is better to start little and make small changes. Maybe for you a change would be to change a lamp, go for a daily walk, eat broccoli again, or plan a get together with friends or family.

The most difficult part is taking an action in the correct direction; after that you will begin to have momentum and have a better time of year.