A Country Theme for a Small Space Kitchen


  A homey country style kitchen has always been the kitchen decor of your dreams.  How can you achieve that spacious, yet comfortable look when you have a small space kitchen?  A little research and a few of these ideas might help you get started.  Before you know it, that country theme just might work it's way into your kitchen, and you'll have that kitchen of your dreams.  Casual and comfortable are usually associated with country; this can help make it easy, especially when on a budget.  Country kitchen themes don't need to be expensive at all, and they work in any size kitchen.  It's amazing what can be achieved sometimes with a few accent pieces. 

  One of the first steps in achieving a spacious looking kitchen is in getting rid of clutter.  With clutter out of the way, it helps to give an appearance of spaciousness.  Try some of those kitchen organizers that are hidden, such as under cupboard storage for wraps, spices, and cleaners.  Then you can move on to decorating your small space kitchen with a country theme.  Try using some of those country style trivets for wall decorations.  These usually have wood or wrought iron surrounding a tile with a country type design.  Others are all wrought iron.  A wooden framed chalkboard with pegs can be found through some online research; this makes a nice, functional country accent to your kitchen walls.  The pegs can be used to hang keys.  Other wall decor could include a country style clock in the shape of a rooster, and a small, carved wooden shelf to hold some small plants or country style figurines.  A wallpaper border with country accents could work along the kitchen walls.  These can be found in places that sell peel and stick borders in case you need to remove them at some point.  Keep your kitchen walls a light color to make the room appear larger.  If you have windows in your kitchen, checkerboard style curtains, or ones with simple wildflower designs, make nice country themed curtains for your kitchen.  Try to get the same color scheme or design for your kitchen tablecloth, napkins, and other kitchen table accessories.  Dishtowels and wash cloths can also have the same design or colors, along with an apron and potholders.  Flour sack designs for dish towels are also popular for country themed kitchens.  Look for salt and pepper shakers and napkin holders in a country theme, too.  Wooden spice racks and tin style canister sets work well in a country themed kitchen.  Try displaying a big cookbook on a wrought iron cookbook stand.  This could be centered on a kitchen table or on the counter.  Onions and potatoes can be stored in hanging wire baskets - which are practical, too, in a small space kitchen. 

  For the kitchen floor try country style braided rugs.  A larger one would work well under the kitchen table and chairs.  If you have room for a table and chair set, even a small one, go for wood or wicker if you can.  Country accented chair pads go great on plain wooden chairs in a country themed kitchen. 

  Other accessories can be added as you are able to afford them.  Check out country catalogs, including those offered online.  In no time, you'll have the country themed kitchen of your dreams.