So you are shopping for the perfect, or at least a good Christmas gift for your brother. This is usually a pretty daunting task because brothers are often completely different. There are a few gifts though that you can always fall back on in case of not having enough time or just simply not knowing what he is looking for.


Sports Type

If he is into sports than you should know if he is playing them or if he is into watching them. If he likes to watch them then anything with his favorite team on it will be a wonderful gift, maybe even some face paint of his favorite teams colors if he is really into the sports. However, if he is into playing sports then he probably has a gym membership which most gyms will let you add time to his membership without him knowing then you can surprise him! Additionally if he doesn't go to the gym he probably works out at home so some extra weights for his weight set or even some resistance bands for building lean muscle would help him.


Gamer Type

Look at his game collection, write on a piece of paper what he has. Then go to your local game store and ask for some suggestions from the clerk. You should know your brother enough to make an informed decision with the help of a staff member there. They know what games are good and you probably know what kind of things he would be into. Seriously though gamer types are usually very easy to please because there are plenty of accessories he probably won't have that you could pickup from the game store as well.



This is pretty easy too, all you gotta do is head down to your local hunting and fishing store. Ask what are some things they suggest that you cannot have enough of. They will probably recommend various stink baits and hunting accessories that fit into your price range. One of the best presents you can get for a fisherman though is you planning a weekend fishing trip and doing all the work. This isn't always possible though, but might be an option.


Hard to Shop For

If your brother is the type of person who is horribly hard to shop for then you are going to collect a bit of information about him such as his favorite stores and restaurants. Once you know them you can do the one thing that is always the easy way out and get him gift cards to those places! However, if you don't want to go the gift card route then you could always get him one of those cool already wrapped boxes at places like Sears. Those make quick gifts, sure, but lots of guys think they look cool but never get them because they don't want to spend the money on them that badly. Things like pocket knives, charging stations for their phones. All kinds of stuff can be found there and are probably a little better than cash, but you know your brother better than I do!