WOMAN IN BLACK was an amazing movie. It was certainly a thriller I wasn't expecting.

Obviously I was expecting a thriller... just not a good one, and not one with former Harry Potter star- Daniel Radcliffe.

Movie Summary: Daniel Radcliffe's character- Kipps- needs to close a house, go through paperwork, etc. that was once owned by a mentally unstable woman. The house is now haunted by this woman, and anytime someone sees her ghost, a child suffers an unfortunate death under possession. Don't turn away, though- it isn't like you see a bunch of children die, most are just implications with the exception of 1. Kipps is on a time limit to find the ghost peace, as he has seen this woman multiple times, and his son arrives in town in just a few days.

Unlike most plotless horror movies- this was amazing. Radcliffe played his part perfectly. He had lost his wife and was afraid of losing his son- and the pain and guilt was evident in his entire performance. He did this part justice, believe me.

Do I think you should go see this movie?


Would I recommend it to everyone?

If they're age appropriate, yes. I wouldn't tell a child to watch it.

Would I go see it again?

Hell yes.

Was it capturing?

Was it well-written and well-filmed?

Most definitely.


I loved the movie, and I think I might go see it again. My only qualm was that I was the noisiest person in the theater- screaming and all. I had several "Shhhhhh"s and "shut up!"s. But the moments were so intense, and the story was not completely predictable, which I enjoyed thoroughly.

If you're going to go see the movie, which again- I recommend, then go see it with friends. Don't go see it alone, you will end up curled up on the movie's seats, hoping that nothing... or no one... will grab you from underneath. Yes I was afraid of that, and yes I'm in college.

If I had to compare it to Paranormal Activity (that was a question I recieved)... I'd say that Paranormal Activity was a little more horrifying, but Woman in Black was done better.

Seeing Radcliffe break away from his role as Wizard Harry Potter was interesting, but this movie just goes to show how well he can act, and what he can pull off. Again, the movie was insanely good, and I normally don't say that about thriller movies. So if you get the chance, go see it. It will send your blood rushing, have you jump out of your seat, and have you completely pulled into the movie.

Do yourself a favor and watch it.