Do you suffer from hangnails and are you wondering how to treat, prevent and cure them? This condition can be very painful, annoying and discomforting - I don't know anybody that likes getting it. This is when you get a small or torn piece of skin next to your fingernail or you can get them on your toenails, too. There are a couple of ways you can get hangnails but also some easy and fast ways to cure and prevent hangnails, too. I hope to offer you some helpful and useful methods to treating it. 

Hangnails Cause and How to Prevent it

- I think the number one reason for getting hangnails is simply from nail biting. Really try not to do this and instead use a nail clipper. 

- Breaking this habit can be easier said than done. For people who are perhaps OCD or have a really, really bad habit of biting nails, consider chewing gum to keep your mind off of it. I’ve done this personally and it’s worked for me.

- You can also prevent hangnails if you moisturizer your skin properly. Dry skin causes hangnails! Moisturize several times a day.

- You shouldn’t treat this condition lightly because getting it often can definitely lead to more problems such as an infection, such as paronychia. Consider using a good antibacterial lotion for moisturizing - this will help prevent them.

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This is a great hand cream to keep your skin moisturized and clean. Dry hands and fingers can definitely lead to more hangnails.

Items to Prevent Hangnails From Happening

- If you can’t or don’t want to get a manicure every week, there are still ways to prevent this.

- First, like I said above you’re going to want to get a good hand cream to soften and moisturize the area. This moisture above will refresh the skin and keep your hands healthy for prevention of hangnails. You should apply it every day.

Another hand cream to consider is by North American Hemp Co. and its Hangnail Helper Hand & Nail cream. This product contains Contains Certified Organic hemp seed oil as well as essential vitamins A & E for improving your skin. 

Next, if you already have a hangnail, first you should soak it in warm water and apply a good lotion or antibacterial lotion to the area.

Then, you can try this stainless steel cuticle and hangnail snipper by Tweezerman to cut the nail (this is also the product pictured below). You can use it specifically for for trimming dead skin around the nail and for cutting hangnails. It is perfect for prescice cutting of the nail. 

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Another good hangnail clipper is this Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper 1/4 Jaw by ToiletTree Products

Then after cutting it you should soak the area again in water and apply the lotion again, and you can apply a bandgage to the area. 

What if you think you might have an infection in your hangnail? If you notice pus or that is has become red or swollen, you may need to see a doctor to get antibiotics. 

Possibly Home Remedy for Hangnails

I've been told by several people that a good home remedy to cure hangnails is if you quickly put lotion or rubbing alcohol on it then put olive oil it immediately after. I haven't tried this personally but I think it could work.  

I hope this article helped you understand the cures for hangnails and how to treat and prevent them!