Are you looking for a good time with friends and family and live in the Columbus, OH region?  Look no farther this summer than trying to catch a game of the Columbus Clippers at Huntington Park.   It is even worth the drive if coming from anywhere in the state of Ohio. The Columbus Clippers are a Triple A-minor league baseball team who affiliated with Ohio’s own Cleveland Indians.  Huntington Park  is located in the Arena District of the downtown Columbus, OH area.  By the way, the Columbus Clippers did win the National Championship in 2010 and 2011; so you will definitely see a great team step up to the plate and play some ball.

Clippers vs. Tide

GETTING TO HUNTINGTON PARK TO WATCH THE CLIPPERS PLAY If you decide to go on map quest or  look it up on your GPS system in your car, you are going to want to type in the following address:  330 Huntington Park Lane, Columbus, OH 43215.  If you have ever been to Nationwide Arena to watch a Columbus Blue Jackets game, then you can just follow Nationwide Boulevard and it will lead into Columbus Clippers Stadium - Huntington Park.

            If coming from the Zanesville/Cambridge, Wheeling or Pittsburgh areas you are going to want to do the following:

1.)  Take I-70 W all the way towards Columbus, OH.

2.)  Merge onto I-71N via exit 101A

3.)  Merge onto I-670 W via exit 109A

4.)  Take EXIT 3 ,which is the GOODALE ST exit, turning a slight left onto Goodale. 

5.)  Take 1st left onto Neil Ave and then turn right to Brodbelt Ln and Huntingotn Park Lane is first left.

If coming from Cleveland, OH you can do the following:

1.)  take I-90 W toward I-71 S

2.)  Get on I-71 S via Exit 170B

3.)  Merge onto I-670 W via exit 109 A and follow preceding steps (4,5)

If coming from Toledo, OH you can do the following:

1.)  Get on I-70 E

2.)  Merge I-670 E via Exit 96

3.)  Take Exit 2A which is US-33

4.)  Turn right on Dublin, then left onto Hocking St.

5.)  Turn Right onto W Nationwide Blvd and 1st left is Huntington Park Lane



            The official date where ground was first broke was on August 2, 2007 and after construction is still considered today as one of the premier minor league baseball parks in the nation.  It was not until April of 2009 until the first pitch was thrown versus the Toledo Mud Hens.  As mentioned earlier of how great of a facility it is, it has been recognized as Ballpark of the Year by Baseballparks.com; this includes all minor and major league baseball parks. 

            So why do they call it Huntington Park?  Well, Huntington Bancshares who are headquartered in Columbus, OH bought the naming rights.  They are most commonly noted for their company’s bank affiliate, Huntington National Bank.


Left field view


            This beautiful facility holds over 10,000 fans which is more than enough for a minor league ballpark.  This includes 650 club seats, 42 loge boxes, and 32 suites.  For all you beer drinkers out there, “THE LEFT FIELD BUILDING” has a 110-foot bar with six open patios so you can drink and watch the game all the way out in left field.

You can plan to spend anywhere from $3 (kids) and $6 (adults) for assigned bleacher seating all the way up to $15 for box seats.  Seniors can also get general seating for $7 a ticket.  There really is not a bad seat in Huntington Park and the price to watch a National Champion caliber team such as the Columbus Clippers is well worth the price.

 The cost of beer will sometimes cost more than the price of admission.  I recall paying $7 a beer.  So if you plan on getting a buzz while at the Clippers game then plan on opening up that wallet nice and wide.  Make sure as you walk-in, if you are thirsty, or your kids are thirsty for water, there are usually outside vendors selling it out of coolers for a dollar.  On a hot summer day, it is well worth the dollar to save your thirst and a few extra dollars from buying it in the ballpark.  Not trying to bash the cost of food at all as we all know the price of food at any sporting event can often cost more than your liking.



     As I mentioned before, Huntington’s baseball park is located in the downtown Arena district of Columbus, OH.  There are plenty of bars, restaurants, venues, events, and hotels to choose from to enjoy a good night out after the Columbus Clippers get in a victory at the ballpark.

            A couple of popular restaurants/bars located in the heart of the arena district include BD’s Mongolian Grill, Big Band Dueling Piano Bar, W.G. Grinders and so much more.  If you're looking for a place to stay if you had too much to drink or the ride home at night just seems to long you can look into getting a room at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, The Lofts, or the Hyatt Regency.  Also, plenty of times after the games you can go catch a concert at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion.  At one Columbus Clippers game, I was able to catch a concert after the game for 5 dollars if I brought my ticket to LCP gates.  It was Bret Michaels, but five dollars was worth 3 hours of great music.


So as you can see, the location of Huntington Park in Columbus, OH definitely makes it a hot attraction to attend a baseball game because of the surrounding area.  There are plenty of things to do in the area after catching the baseball game.  What a great spot to put a stadium and what great business it drives into the area.   It is a very affordable event to go to and you are going to get quality service from the Huntington Ball Park staff.  So the next time your thinking of going out for a family outing or taking your significant other out on a date; going to see the Columbus Clippers Stadium at Huntington Park might be an easy choice. Go Clippers!