You may one day find yourself in a position where you will need a DWI attorney to represent you. Since this is a case going before a court and a judge, you will want a lawyer who knows the law and how it can be applied to your case in particular. Being able to build a rapport and getting him to understand your point of view is also essential. When you set out to look for a DWI lawyer you will naturally interact with several of them who would be interested in taking up your case. What you have to remember in these interactions is to be bold and ask all the questions you want. You have to keep in mind that just as you are evaluating the lawyer, so too they are examining you and the details of your case to know whether accepting it would be a good move for them. The scales of JusticeCredit:

Question to Help Find a Good Lawyer

There are several questions that you can include in your interview of the lawyer. The first would be to examine his or her years of experience and the kind of cases that he or she has been handling in that time. Look into the number of DWI cases that have come his way and the kind of closure these cases have got. You should be able to get the impression that you are in the hands of the best lawyer in town, one who will be able to apply the law to your case in your favor. Your case of DUI may not be very different from others and you should ask your lawyer on the number of similar cases she has taken up. This will give you an idea of how he or she will deal with the case and any other unexpected turns it may take. 

The credibility of the lawyer you choose is also equally important. Their educational qualifications are important as is their licensing and registration to practice law in that particular city or state. If they are registered with the local best services bureau then you have an advantage. Find out if they have been at the center of any lawsuits or a legal malpractice cases. Make sure that the particular lawyer handling your case has not been brought before the State Bar for disciplining action. 

When it comes to the actual handling of your case, you need to know a lot as well. In a large agency you will have a lawyer assigned to you. Finding out the caliber of this lawyer and his ability to handle your case will fall on you. You will also need to know the fine print as far as legal costs and the use of investigators go. You will also want to find out about how many cases the lawyer has taken to trial and won as well. 

How to Tell If You Have a Good Lawyer
A good DWI lawyer will also be able to anticipate what could possibly happen in your case and get you prepared for the same. Find out from them how they plan to keep you in the loop of things happening in relation to your case. You will also want to discuss all the possible outcomes of your case. There are merits and demerits to every such case, but being able to understand how they work in your favor helps. 

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If your lawyer tells you that they will win your case, you should be a little skeptical.  The lawyer may tell they that your case is winnable, but they do not know exactly if the case can be won.  They are not the judge.  However, one thing you could look at is not only how many cases they have taken on, but what the winning percentage is.  Your lawyer should ask you pertinent information about the case.  He or she should also tell you what type of sentencing you will be facing.  His or her main goal in taking your case is to try to get you the least amount of fine or jail time they can get.  If you are innocent, then the lawyer should be providing information to prove you are innocent.  If you are guilty, then your lawyer should be presenting information why you should have the minimum amount of sentencing.  If you lawyer will not listen to your reasonable concerns about these two measure, then you should look for another representative.  If you lawyer, tells you he does not think he or she can take your case, do not take this personal.  This is actually to your benefit.  You want representation in court that is on your side. 

Your Job with the Lawyer

What you have to remember is that you need to be completely honest with your lawyer. Even the most minor of details which you think is insignificant may prove to be completely relevant to your case. Lawyer client conversations are privileged even before you hire a lawyer, so you have nothing to worry about on that front. This means that anything you have told your lawyer by way of conversation will never hold up in a court against you. If you are not honest with your legal counselor, then they cannot do the best job for you.  You may be innocent but could be found guilty.  You may be guilty but since you did not tell your lawyer information that is pertinent to the case they could not argue this in court and you could receive a stiffer penalty. 


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On the other hand, you should keep abreast of what your representative is saying in and out of court.  If he is not representing you the best he or she could, you should change the person you have to someone who will provide better for your case.  If you know that the lawyer is intentionally not representing you right, you should also report this to the state Bar Association.  Lawyers get a bad reputation about the type of scrupulous techniques they use, but they are still require by ethics to do things by the law and represent you the best they can.  Just like every profession, there are bad apples in the bunch and you do not want to get those bad apples.  If you have done your due diligence, then you will have already weeding them out. 

It all depends on the kind of lawyer you choose. You will find that most legal organizations have a massive roster of lawyers specializing in various fields. You can choose someone from this pool. There are number of independent practitioners as well that you could think of hiring. Make it a point to ask your lawyer the means by which you will be in touch with him. This will help make your case much stronger in the long run.


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Going to court for any legal proceeding can be nerve racking.  You need to have a good lawyer to represent you if you are going before the judge for a DWI case.  There are many consequences you could face, but a good DWI lawyer can help you out and you can right the wrong and become a better person.  Do not drink and drive and you will not find yourself in these situations, but if you do, get yourself a good DWI lawyer.  Do the work and you will.