It was an exciting day when I got to go to the Ocean. I had not been to the Ocean for a few years and have really missed it. On the day I hit the beach up I was overwhelmed because I could not decide exactly what to do. I wanted to do a lot of different activities both in the water and on the Boardwalk but I was limited for time. I had pretty much one day too enjoy the beach and then it was back to Vegas for a seminar. Once I got to the beach my mind was cleared of all clutter.

What changed when I hit a beach to spend the day was the amazing beauty of the Ocean. If you see the Ocean on a  regular basis you have probably lost any fascination you may have ever had with the Ocean, but to us people from landlocked States we still  het the goose bumps and the giddiness at seeing and playing in the Ocean. I had a lot of things I wanted to do and knew I could never fit all of my activities into the single day I had. Fortunately I did not need to. Once I got to the beach I learned a lot of different things about life and business. Here are some of the things I learned from the beach that day.

It is the Destination! 

We always hear that life is about the journey and not the destination. When you go on vacation it is about the journey and not the destination. When you go hiking in the mountains it should be about the journey and not the destination. Basically it is saying that you need to enjoy everything and take the time to enjoy things and not simply rush to get to your destination. I normally agree with this advice but on this day I realized it was all about the destination and not the Journey.

The Journey to the Ocean could have been filled with fun and excitement but Southwest airlines pretty much screwed up my entire journey. Fortunately all of my stress was relieved once I hit a beach area. If I had not been able to go to that day then the stress I was feeling could have become overwhelming. The cool thing is that since I was at the beach and had not other arrangements that day that I could simply relax and enjoy the beach. I did enjoy the beach thoroughly, but relaxing was not to be on my agenda.

Lazy Day?


Sometimes we need to be lazy. Some people are more prone to be lazy then other people. I had been very active for a few weeks up until the day I hit the beach. One of the things I wanted to do was to relax on the beach, read a magazine, and watch the girls in bikinis. Once I got to the beach I began body boarding. I am far from a professional and it had been many years but it was a lot of fun. It was so much fun that I continued to catch waves for almost 4 hours until I was finally able to force myself to leave and go eat lunch. Sometimes we may want a lazy day but end up being very active. On this day I was physically active but I was still mentally lazy. I was able to give my mind a lazy day off but at the same time give my body a physical day of activity to help me burn calories and keep my heart healthy.

Riding Solo

Some people are co-dependent and feel very uncomfortable if they have to go to public events alone. I can understand this feeling and I even feel this way occasionally but I also realized that I like to do evens by myself because I am in complete control of the activity. I am not a control freak but I do like Mexican food. By doing things alone I can choose to eat Mexican food for lunch if I desire. If I get bored (yeah right) I can always go long boarding if I want to. If I have a partner with me then I would have to compromise on the activity that we mutually do. I do however understand the many benefits of having a partner. My day at the beach is a lot like the Business World. Sometimes it can be beneficial to have a partner but if you are confident then you can always choose to do things on your own because you will then control your destiny.

To me there is not many things more inspirational then reading a motivational book or business biography book shile chilling out for the day. I do not get to do this very often because I live in Idaho. We do have beaches here but it is not the same as enjoying the beauty and raw passion of the Pacific Ocean. The ocean has provide inspiration and motivation to countless people in our history and it can also provide inspiration and motivation for you. I love the beach and I hope that you do too.