Sky TV & Broadband - The Best Bundles

Many of us think about getting Sky TV and then decide against it, because of the expense and the perceived lack of variety for our viewing pleasure. After all, these days, there are fantastic channels on free view and we can get most of what we want on there. However, when it comes to the digital age, we really have a lot more being offered to us through Sky.

This article will first of all look at the four main package bundles available at the moment. Then, we'll consider some of the extras, and then will go on to consider why Sky broadband is a leading light in the broadband industry.

The Packages on Sky Deals

There are four main packages available and advertised heavily at the moment by Sky. These are:

  • The Original at £21.50
  • The Family at £31.50
  • The Movies at £37.50
  • The Sports at £42.50

These four packages offer excellent options to stay entertained, so let's have a closer look at what they consist of.

The Original

The Original Bundle comes with 35 channels for entertainment that include Sky Atlantic, Sky Living and Sky 1. There are eight HD channels, including BBC1, BBC2 and Channel 4. On top of this, you get over 240 channels that are free to air as you would get on Freeview, but with more options.

The Family

The Family Bundle consists of 80 channels extra, including Sky Atlantic HD, Sky Living HD, Sky 1 HD, Sky HD, Discovery HD and a lot more. There are 45 HD entertainment channels comprising of Disney, National Geographic, Sky News and so on.

You'll also get access to the 3D channel that includes lots of documentaries and music. It doesn't end there, though: you also gain access to Box Sets on demand and quite a few more channels that you do on the original package.

The Movies Package

With the Movies package, you get 11 movies channels, which include primarily classics, thrillers, family favourites and comedies. Recently, there's been a launch of Sky Movie's Disney channel, which provides great entertainment for your kids. You have blockbuster family and children’s movies all through the day. Indeed, you also have access to hundreds of excellent entertainment features on demand.

On top of the movies, you also get over 35 entertainment channels that comprise Sci-fi, Box, Sky Arts, Sky Living, Sky 1 and Sky Atlantic. You still get the 8 HD channels as with the original and 240 free to air channels.

The Sports Bundle

The Sports Bundle provides all 6 Sports channels, which includes Sky Sports 1, 2 and 3, Sky Sports News and Sky Sports F1. If you love your cricket, your rugby, your football, your Formula 1 and any other sport, then you should be on this package.

With the package, you get all of the entertainment channels in the Original Bundle comprising 35, eight free HD channels and 243 free to air channels.

What Else Do You Get?

With all the Deals, you'll also get the Sky+HD box, which has lots of functions to enhance your viewing pleasure. You can pause, rewind and record programs simultaneously. Through the Sky HD box, you can also watch On Demand channels, and this could be a great way to pick and choose what you're watching if there's nothing on the box that you fancy. You could also catch up on your favorite soaps and other programs with a fantastic catch up service through Sky.

Sky Go

Sky Deals are even mobile now with the addition of Sky Go. Now, you can watch Sky on your laptops, tablets or mobiles through WiFi connectivity 3G or 4G.

Sky Go enables you to get online and watch just about everything that there is contained in your subscription package, plus it has a lot of extra features. You now never have to miss anything live if you have it in your package, and you can register up to two devices on which to consume television on the go.

The Broadband from Sky

The great thing about the Sky broadband offering is that it is truly unlimited. Many broadband providers out there restrict you on their unlimited packages, citing fair usage policies and traffic management. There is no such worry with Sky.

You can stream, play and listen to your heart's content without fear of being throttled at any point by having your internet severely restrained.

Sky also offers a free broadband package of 2 GB as their light package when you go for line rental and their TV packages. This is a great offering from Sky for those who are light in their internet consumption.

A Stable Broadband

Sky Deals on broadband used to be seen as pretty poor when compared to the best providers in the industry. They were seen as a digital TV service provider that had stumbled into broadband through an acquisition. Nowadays, that's not the case, and OfCom have recently recognised Sky as the provider that offers the lowest packet loss in the industry.

When we use broadband, our data is packeted up for sending and, sometimes, these packets gets torn apart and lost along the way. With Sky, this happens less than with most providers.

The speeds of Sky broadband are not the highest. Indeed, Virgin and BT are significantly better on speed. However, they are sufficient, and represent extremely good value for money.

Sky has their own equipment installed in many of the 500 telephone exchanges around the country and, therefore, you can get ADSL 2 and ADSL 2+ from them if you cannot get fibre optic broadband.

Sky Fibre Optic Broadband Availability

Sky fibre optic broadband is currently available to around 30% of the country and, where you can’t get it, you can get ADSL or ADSL+.

My Experience with Sky Deals

I found a fantastic provider that has kept me entertained and kept me online in spite of some pretty intensive internet activities. I was on fibre optic broadband and I moved into an area where I don't get fibre optic broadband through Sky. However, the ADSL connectivity I've received gets an average 18.5mbps download speed and 1mbps upload speed. My ping is just 37ms and, so, I'm able to do streaming, live video chat and online gaming without any issues from my connection.

Top Tip

When you're looking at Sky packages, it's very useful to do a postcode checker to find out what services are actually available in your area. It's very easy to get confused by all the offerings, but, essentially, split them down into fibre optic broadband and ADSL, and compare the different speeds that each of the providers can offer.

Don't just buy off the advertised speed rates, with ADSL. Check how close your exchange is to your home. The easiest way to do this is through a website called Sam Knows Best, where you can see on a map where your local telephone exchange is and what providers have installed their own equipment in the exchange.

It's also a good idea to check the speed test results of others in your area. On uSwitch, there's a great service where you can enter your postcode and see on a map what an internet service provider’s speeds are. These speeds represent actual speed test results and so they are the most reliable way to find out the connectivity speeds of your internet area.


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