Many home owners across the country are considering green energy as a solution to their energy needs. What many will find is that green energy such as wind, and solar, may come with a very costly price tag. Although these systems pay for themselves they may not be a feasible solution for the people that need them the most. Now more than ever home owners need to be aware of their bottom line, and the attainability of going green.

Research suggests that home owners need to change the way they think about solar energy. Many homeowners believe that a solar panel system will supply their energy needs. While this is true, the cost of that system may very well be more than $20,000.00. With credit tight and energy costs across the country on the rise Americans need a viable solution that won't send them in to bankruptcy. While the sun and the wind can supply many of our energy needs we as homeowners must make a choice to change the way we use that energy.

Homemade Solar Hot Water HeaterChanging the way we use energy may very well negate the cost of buying a solar panel system. After interviewing many home owners who live off grid I can tell you that all of them had the same thing in common. They all reduced the amount of energy they used. It is easier to conserve electrical energy than it is to make it from the sun. It is also cheaper to do so. Changing the way you use electricity may lower your bill enough to make the high price of a solar power system unnecessary. You could effectively change the way you heat your homes hot water and eliminate a portion of your energy bill further.

Traditionally when you think about solar heated hot water you may think about a solar panel system that powers your hot water heater. It is much more energy efficient to buy or build a solar powered hot water heater. A homemade solar collector can be built for around 200.00 for parts found at your local hardware store. Buying a solar collector for a solar hot water heating unit from a manufacturer can cost 1,000.00 or more, and shipping is another nightmare. For the price of a factory built solar collector you could build a fully functional solar hot water heating system. By eliminating the need to heat water, and making a conscious choice to conserve energy you could easily cut your energy bills in half.

When you think about conservation you must know how much things add up in the long run. Consider this, for every energy dollar spent 25-30% of that is for heating water. If you have an electric hot water heater you could spend $585.00 per year (energy efficient model) just heating water. If you multiply that amount by 7 years the life span of your hot water heater that's a whopping $4,095.00. The small amounts you can eliminate by conserving energy or changing the way you use it can add up over time. In many cases the savings could pay for a car, or pay the last few years on your mortgage.

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