OK, let’s face it. We all kind of hate Google, don’t we.
Well maybe hate is a little too strong a word.
Some of us “are not really pleased” with them because even though we promote their advertising using Adsense (which means business partners, right?) they constantly change things up every few months to make our lives a bit more difficult
OK, so my rant is over.
But basically, I think because of Google, a certain aspect of Internet Marketing is extremely challenging.
That being, website traffic and building a list the old fashioned way.
The old fashioned way to build a list as I define it is:

  •  Build a Blog
  •  Work Your tail off on Articles
  •  Do all kinds of on Page SEO.
  •  Do all kinds of back-linking using tricky, hard to use, and many times not very effective tools.
  •  Install a web form on our page.
  •  Wait
  •  And Wait.
  •  And Wait.

That’s pretty much they way that some IM trainers were talking about list building over many years.
OK, they didn’t talk about the waiting part, but that’s pretty much the results people achieved from such a passive strategy.
And that was even before, Google started changing things up, which meant that the SEO work is an ongoing moving target.
The other thing I see quite often, is people continually searching for some magic plug-in that will make their site go viral, through one trick or another.
Tricks, may or may not work, but one thing Google has proven, is they can find tricks, or plugins they feel are gaming the system, and shut down their effectiveness in a heartbeat. They’ve done it many, many times.
One way to overcome all of this is by building a lot more high quality articles and eventually having your site become a real authority site for your niche.
Great.. that’s what Google wants.
But how long is that going to take you? How are you paying the bills in the meantime?
So I’ve decided to go another route altogether.

My Advanced List Building Strategy
I don’t worry about Backlinks, SEO or trickery.
I put my effort into a multi-faceted list building program which utilizes:

  •  Creation a High Quality Lead Magnet. You really want to give a great first impression
  •  Creation of a Squeeze Page
  •  Running Solo Ads
  •  Running Ad Swaps
  •  Optional Creation of a Free WSO
  •  Adding Signature Links to Your WF Account and an Optional Graphic.

I’ve found this system, whereas it takes a small monetary investment to move forward, takes a fraction of the time you’ll spend if you use the older methods, and you’ll build a list much faster.
And that’s the name of the game. You can easily build a list of 500 or more in as little as a few weeks with this system, where as it would probably take a year or more by just putting an autoresponder webform on your blog and writing non-stop posts.
If you repeat a number of the steps as I recommend in the plan, you will have a list in the THOUSANDS in just a matter of months.