Dishwashing is both a science and an art. Some can not abide the lingering smell of dishwashing soap or a speck of dried soap or smudge left on wares. So the process has to be precise as well as enjoyable. Manual dishwashing is too easy and repetitive that it sometimes has a calming effect on some dishwashers.

Josephine Cochran probably never imagined that the machine she invented in 1893 would become a basic part of every home. Mechanical dishwashers have truly changed the dishwashing process. This is especially true in establishments where they have to count the dishes by hundreds.

From its perky functions to its frustrating malfunctions, dishwashers have given dishwashing a modern twist. Various dishwashers are now available on the market with varying features and prices depending on the brand.

Dishwashers come in different varieties. Most homeowners go for the built-in standard dishwashers. Though they could take a lot of space, but if it is strategically placed, it simply completes the kitchen. Built-in dishwashers can take the form of whatever material the kitchen is made of – may it be steel or wood.

For homeowners with limited space, the compact dishwashers are the perfect solution. Another option is to go for in-sink dishwashers. They literally fit inside your sink. They can act as extra counter space or sometimes a cutting board because of its glossy, steel finish. Both these dishwashers can only take small loads. They use less water due to their size. They also come in a variety of colors, from glossy black to sleek greys (also known as a silver dishwasher in the UK).

As opposed to built-in varieties, dishwashers also come in portable types. These are specially designed for renters or homeowners who do not have the space and are constantly moving.

They are available drawer dishwashers in the market too. This variety provides energy efficiency and extra dish storage.

Another factor to mull over in choosing dishwashers is the capacity. There are usually three options: (1) the eight five-piece place setting; (2) the twelve five-piece place setting; and (3) the fourteen five-piece place setting.

A dishwasher must have, basically, the wash and rinse cycle and the dry settings. It too must have food disposer and filtration for the dirt. Some brands provide child locks to avoid accidents involving children. Others come with flexible racks and tubs. But the best thing to look for is the delayed start and noise insulation. When you wash the dishes, you do not want your neighbors to think that a hurricane has landed in your home. The normal noise is from 47 – 57 decibels.

So far, the best reviewed brands are Kenmore, Bosch and Whirlpool.