The Solomon is a country composed of a large number of the enchanting islands. Coming to the Solomon Islands is like going back in time to  a period, which was untouched by technology and  the hurried nature of today’s life.

With around 992 islands, the country possesses an area of 28,400 square kms and offers an awe-inspiring nature at her unblemished best. About 350 islands from the archipelago are still uninhabited.

The principal religion followed by the natives is Christianity. However, the traditions, values and customs, which are carried forward from generation to generation, are still followed by a large number of indigenous people. There are many remote places on the islands where technology has made no mark and the lifestyles of the people are still primitive, making them more interesting to know and understand. But on the other hand, Solomon Island hotels and resorts are fully equipped with latest facilities.

The pristine oceanic waters that encompass the islands hide the treasures, which can be explored through diving. The interesting culmination of history with the unscathed beauty of the Solomon gives it such an appeal, which is hard to find anywhere else in the world.

Diving adventures in Solomon Islandsguarantees a truly fascinating and thrilling experience. Apart from the natural treasures; there are ruins of man-made carriers, which have acquired importance because of being a representative of a distinctive moment in history.

There is a   beautiful marine life formed by the diverse species of fish and amazing coral reefs on one hand and submerged relics of the Second World War on the other. During the Second World War (1942-45), the islands saw a fierce battle between America and Japan.

The island presents many good sites for diving that offer a golden opportunity to discover an enticing underwater world.

Some of the Best sites for diving in the Solomon Islands are:

  • Uepi Island

There are coral reefs, resident sharks, different species of reef fish, other fish like hammerheads, mantas and eagle rays and war wrecks strewn around at the bottom.

The wrecks consist of Japanese freighters and some unidentified vessels. The relics of the war are still in a very good condition and offer an intriguing view to the diver.

  • Honiara

Honiara is the capital of the Solomon Islands and is located on the northwestern coast of Guadalcanal Island. At the time of Second World War, Guadalcanal was the zone where one of the most intense battles was fought between the United States and Japan.

This is also the reason that there are many warship wrecks, belonging to both the US and Japan, littering the bottoms of sea around Guadalcanal, especially Honiara. Some of the most famous war ruins at Honiara are - Bonegi One, Bonegi Two, USS John Penn and B-17.

The mighty carriers of destruction along with the splendid marine life make this place a very attractive tourist destination.

  • Barracuda Point

It is a place, which is a must visit to see the astonishing varieties of marine organisms and coral reefs. One can find aqua creatures like Pyramid Butterlyfish, Stocy Anthias, Clown Triggerfish and Orbicular Batfish. A diver may get the thrill of his life on witnessing thousands of fish swimming together, while forming different kinds of patterns, like that of a tornado.

One should be careful not to take souvenirs from any of the Second World War relics as it’s prohibited by law and is punishable with harsh penalties.

There are several active and dormant volcanoes in the Solomon Islands. One can also undertake exploration of the land area through walking and trekking expeditions; ride the ocean through surfing; and see the aquatic life through snorkeling.

The Solomon is like a breath of purest air amid all the humdrum of life. The Islands may have a meditative effect on one’s soul and help one in coming out with a more positive perspective on life.

So, schedule a holiday to the Solomon Islands and find yourself while discovering the beautiful landscape of an alien region.