I submitted my very first article to Info Barrel on August 30th, 2009. Since that time, while writing over 230 Info Barrel articles, contributing over 1,400+ forum posts, and co-authoring the first ever 6 Book Course for Info Barrel, this website has literally taken on a life of all it's own with growth unparalleled by many of the most popular and trafficked web 2.0 social media outlets today. To say that I am excited about the future of Info Barrel would be a serious understatement, as my forum posts and articles would dictate that I am, perhaps, one of the biggest cheerleaders of Info Barrel.

As the internet continually evolves, and is made more and more transparent with each day, to me, the Info Barrel website platform has come to represent the embodiment of many core fundamental principles. Where similar website platforms have fallen short, in terms of everything from fundamental transparency, to ethical management, essential functionality and generous offerings, Info Barrel has emerged in a manner that I truly believe is about to make some serious waves in this industry. I am excited, but not without due reason.

Rather than just be excited about Info Barrel for the sake of being excited, I would like to use this series of Info Barrel articles to provide detailed charts, experiences, and proof regarding why I believe Info Barrel is, and will continue to be, an incredible investment of one's time and effort. Because this series of Info Barrel articles will be very lengthy and exhaustive, there are a few things that I would like to mention about this series of articles before we begin.

This series of articles will be important for you to follow because:
  • it will show you exactly how and why your discovery of Info Barrel is so revolutionary and cutting edge, that you stand to earn alot of money, in the longterm and shorterm, with a relatively small amount of time invested.
  • When you absorb many of the graphs and charts that I take screenshots of, and post here, these will (hopefully) serve to motivate you towards continually providing a high quantity of high quality articles to Info Barrel.
  • I will also detail many of the reasons why exactly I believe that writers, on Info Barrel, will earn multiples of what those on much higher ranking websites earn, when Info Barrel is situated in their position in the search engine rankings. Unfortunately, because of the clear discrepancy in search engine rank and authority that exists, it is nearly impossible to do a direct one-to-one comparison of earnings, at this point in the game. I will present, however, a formidable case why the Info Barrel has the structure, and functionality that, I believe, will lead to much greater earnings for each individual writer involved.
  • I will provide numerous screenshots, of graphs and charts, that I believe will completely reinforce your decision to dedicate your time here. Accompanying these screenshots, I will detail some ground breaking trends that I have caught onto, that, in my honest opinion, will propel Info Barrel above even the most Elite websites in this industry.
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At this time, you may be wondering how much money exactly is possible to earn on Info Barrel. Dependent upon when you read this article (I anticipate that it will be read many times beyond when it is actually published on 24June2010), you may or may not be earning to the extent that you had hoped for. Before I discuss many factors that, I believe, will impact the earning's potential of each individual writer on Info Barrel, it is absolutely important for you to understand the entire social media landscape that Info Barrel was born into. Rather than give you an exhaustive history lesson, here are some many points that I would like to make with regards to my perception of Info Barrel emerging into online greatness.
  • Websites that are similar to Info Barrel are among some of the most popular and trafficked in the world. By this, I mean, that many websites do essentially the same thing as Info Barrel (that is, that they have established a business around collecting and aggregating content along with a certain % of revenue share given back to writers), and oftentimes they actually offer their writers far less than Info Barrel offers it's writers.
    • HubPages has 161,000+ registered users, at the time of this writing.
    • Squidoo's forum, SquidU, has over 1,200,000+ registered users.
    • Instructables, although they do not share revenue with their users, has over 30,000+ Fans of it's Facebook Fan Page.
    • ....the list goes on and on.
  • The only reason many of these websites are ranked as high as they are currently is because they were essentially the "first out the gate" in the article submission, content aggregation, revenue sharing industry. Had Info Barrel around at the same time as its similar competitive website platforms, with all other things being equal, I truly bleieve that Info Barrel's offerings, functionality, and management would place it above even the most elite of its competition. Please, I encourage you to survey back articles of mine in order to see the many articles I have written comparing Info Barrel's business model, offerings, and general TOS (Terms of Service) to some of the similar website platforms mentioned above.
  • Because Info Barrel's website platform is currently experiencing very dynamic exponential growth, this series of articles will periodically include installments of future graphs and charts that effectively substantiate my "Case for Info Barrel". As Info Barrel gains momentum, new users, and explodes with traffic, I would like for this article series to be on the cutting edge, while effectively comparing Info Barrel to it's nearest competition. Many trends that I have been noticing, as of late, are quite interesting and mind boggling, and speak highly of Info Barrel in light of the many websites that have been praised simply because they are (currently) high ranking. I would like to ask you to think in terms of longterm growth, and sustainability, as well as the culture and community that Info Barrel is currently fostering, when you are formulating opinions.
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