For those of us who have dealt with acne in the past you know that it can be a very emotionally and psychologically difficult thing to deal with.  It always there staring you right in the face mocking your attempts to deal with it. For me the journey I had with acne was a long one going back to my sophomore year in high school. 


What started out as a few pimples here and there quickly escalated into full blow acne complete with red pustules, oily skin, and painful white heads.  There were times that my acne and the scars it left were so bad it looked like I had burns or welts on my face.  Once I began to pay attention to my acne I began a quest to find a successful treatment for me.  I tried the soaps, the cleansers, the scrubs, the 3-part systems like Proactiv and finally I went to the dermatologist and they prescribed me a oral antibiotics and a bleach cream for my acne scars.  All of them didn’t really work for me mainly because  they were to harsh for my skin.  I used Proactiv the longest until finally my skin couldn’t take all of the washing and the toning cleanser you are supposed to follow it with.  After about a year of using Proactiv my skin began to become very inflamed and sensitive every time I used it.  I cut back on the washes to one a day like the directions said but it didn’t help and if I reduced it more it did nothing for my acne.  So not only did I have bad acne but the only remedy that seemed to remotely work was now causing me actual pain.  The only part of the regime that didn’t irritate was the repairing Benzoyl Peroxide lotion at the end. 


I ended up quitting Proactiv all together from the combination of cost and how it irritated my skin. But I couldn’t just throw it away because I payed good money for it and I hate throwing useful things away.  In the end the only part I used was the repair lotion because it didn't irritate my skin.  After a couple weeks of just using the lotion I noticed something my acne was healing and new acne was slow in forming.


After a few months of experimenting with different washes and strengths of Benzoyl Peroxide I found a easy method of treating my acne.  The key I discovered was simply to be nicer to my skin.  To that end I focused my search on finding gentle soaps and cleansers that contained a minimum of ingredientsand were known to be all natural or organic is nature.   

 I found three products that fit my budget, gentleness requirements, and were easy to find online and in certain stores.


Acne Free Lotion


Acne Free Repair Lotion-  This off brand product is essentially identical to Proactiv's repairing lotion that contains Benzoyl Peroxide.  The nice thing about it is you can buy the lotion by itself online  where with Proactiv you can't.(at least I have not been able to).



Tea Tree Castile Soap


Castile Soap- Several different company’s make this wonderful plant based soap include Dr. Bronners and Dr Woods.  This soap is made in many sizes, fragrances and is a versatile cleaner of not only you but of other things around your house.  From dishes to laundry Castile soap can be used for it all as it made all naturally and is very eco-friendly.


Oatmeal and Almond Soap


Yardley London Oatmeal and Almond Soap- This gentle exfoliating soap is the perfect bar to keep around for those chemically sensitive people like myself or even if you just like a inexpensive bar of soap.




Now the combination of these three things is pretty much up to you as the user.  I personally will use the castile soap in the morning the oatmeal and almond soap at night followed by the repair lotion after the soap.  I do this because they caution against using the lotion if you are expecting sun exposure.  I personally  just side step the problem by only applying it at night and very occasional in the mornings if I am having a tough acne week.  The soaps can be used interchangeably or just one or the other if you are going on vacation.  You can use the three products any way you want as long as you watch how your skin and acne reacts to it.  The key is to be gentle and if you notice excessive peeling or dryness you are overdoing something.  Common culprits for me are to much washing or lotion application especially in winter.  To help combat dryness and irritated skin I usually turn to some aloe vera which works wonders for me.


The final two steps are very important and they must be followed if you expect to results with any acne treatment.


  1. Consistency (every day rain or shine)

  2. Give it time


If you are not consistent (guilty of that myself) then your acne will not be controlled effectively using any treatment much less the one I have outlined here.  You must all give it time.  Most acne treat will say something like 4-8 for full effectiveness and this one is no different.  It will take time to heal the acne you already have and knock back the rest to a manageable level.


With this no fuss acne system I hope that some of you out there that are fighting acne will try it and let me know how it works for you.  The easiest way to find the products I mentioned above all in one place would be sites like Amazon which is where I order all my products.