Simple skin care - Jack Black for men

The slogan for the skin care products is "Nothing complicated. Nothing cosmetic. Just superior skin care" and that exemplifies exactly what this skin care product is all about.  

It was with this creed that company began back in 2000 and over the following decade they have remained true to their roots, providing men all over the world with high quality and easily approachable skin care products.  Even the packaging reflects this mantra, with its simple yet appealing blue and black diamond design.

All products are made with care from only the best ingredients.  Plant extracts and time tested herbs provide a natural base, but Jack Black also uses the latest technologies to formulate products that are lightweight and non-greasy. These are two characteristics that all men appreciate. 

No fragrances, colorings or animal testing go into the simple. yet effective formulas, helping you to both look good and feel good about the products you use.

The products are designed to be both simple and multifunctional to minimize your grooming time.  Everyone knows that men don't want to spend hours in front of the mirror so all products are designed to minimize grooming time.  Jack Black shaving products not only soften your beard for shaving, but are also formulated to condition and soften your skin. 

The  shower wash is an all in one body, face and hair wash with a great lather and  aroma.  Every product is designed to accomplish as much as possible in the minimum amount of time with no fuss or hassle. 

Perhaps most importantly, these products give you the results you expect from a quality skin care line.  Benefits such as clean and fresh skin and scents to give you confidence as you go about your day. 

Other benefits like anti-aging properties that help to minimize the ravages of time and keep your skin youthful looking for years to come.  And best of all, a simple solution to skin care without the need for a dozen different products.  To get a good picture of just how effective the skin care line is let's take a closer look at the shaving line of products.

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Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave

Let's start by mentioning that this high quality shaving product won the award for Best Shave Cream for 2011 from Men's Health magazine.  I consider that a pretty solid endorsement, let's see why this shave cream won such a lofty award. 

Following in the path of simplicity for best results, the Jack Black Beard Lube isn't like your normal shaving gel or foam.  It combines the functions of a pre-shave oil, shaving cream and facial treatment all in one convenient to use product made especially for the shaving needs of all men.

The benefits of this are obvious from the first time you use it.  It is designed as a unique see through formula so there's no more guessing what's under that mass of foam.  It helps control nicks and cuts too since you can see what you are shaving. 

Those with thick facial hair you will appreciate the lightweight nature of this shave cream as it won't clog your razor blade.  Perhaps, best of all is that this product saves you from having to purchase shaving cream constantly.  Yep, they've even considered the fact that you don't like to go shopping.

Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave 16 fl oz.
Amazon Price: $32.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 12, 2013)

Jack Black Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather

The Men's Health 2008 pick for Best Shave Cream is still a favorite with many Jack Black customers.  This offers a thick and creamy shave cream that not only provides protection to your face during shaving, but continues to protect your skin by hydrating and moisturizing while you shave.  Luxuriate in the rich thick lather which is suitable for application with or without a brush. 

Shaving has never been this relaxing or beneficial.  Three layers, Macadamia Nut Oil, Glycerin and Soybean Oil, create a smooth gliding surface to minimize nicks and cuts, protect from razor burn and irritation and leaves your skin refreshed.

Jack Black Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather
Amazon Price: $22.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 12, 2013)

Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20

Another Men's Health winner, this time for Best Facial Moisturizer in 2006, the Double Duty Face Moisturizer continues to be a best seller in the line of Jack Black skin care products.  Combining a lightweight moisturizer with built in sun protection, this product is perfect for use every day. 

Designed to rehydrate the skin, while providing vitamins and anti oxidants to improve skin elasticity and tone, it also provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection for a complete anti-aging solution.  If you only include one product in your skin care arsenal this is the one you want.

Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20-3.3 oz
Amazon Price: $27.00 $23.39 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 12, 2013)

If you are looking for a skin care solution that is both effective and simple then Jack Black for men is the answer to your needs.  With a complete line from shaving products to moisturizers to body and hair care and even fragrances, this product has you covered from head to toe. 

Once you try the products you will come to love them as much as all the other returning  customers who were searching for a way to keep their skin healthy, clean and fresh without spending hours in front of the mirror primping like some model.