Time to Get Married

Fall is a great time to get married. If you're a fan of different variations of the color orange, enjoy pumpkin spiced candles and love how a field looks with leaves scattered all around, then your wedding was destined to have this theme. You'll want to symbolize the season the best way you can without going over your budget. Rental companies can help you achieve that perfect fall look while also allowing you to save time and money. But if you're a hands-on type of wedding planner, then creating different flower arrangements will allow you to put your personal touches on the event. Their are tutorials that can be found online to help you with corsages, bouquets, centerpieces and other fall wedding decorations.

autumn backgroundCredit: Matt Cook

The Best Venue

Of course, the best venue for a fall wedding is outside amongst the auburn and orange colored trees. Hosting a reception with the crisp fall air and decorated scented candles on each table will definitely provide for a memorable event. Candles can double as party favors for your guest to keep as thank you's for attending. And you can scatter autumn leaves or miniature acrylic pumpkins on each table to get people in the season. These and other garden props can be found at low prices from various online retailers or at your nearest wedding rental shop. If the wedding reception is held outside in the evening, fall colored paper lanterns would provide the lighting. These could be purchased in bulk for extra value. You'd also have fall leaves serving as the wedding aisle the groom and bride would walk down.


The food is another great reason to have a fall themed wedding. Pumpkin pies, apple cider, pumpkin spiced lattes would be plentiful at the event. Turkey would be the main course, along with squash, potatoes and other seasonal foods that are available during harvest. If you feel you have a culinary leaning, you could try out some of Food Network's fall dishes that are sure to bring delight to your guests. Sweet potatoes and corn could also be served as side dishes and duck could be used as an alternative to turkey. You'd hire a caterer to give you the perfect fall themed cake, or again, if you're more hands-on you could bake one yourself. Maple leaves made out of fondant would adorn the cake, and you might even want the frosting to have seasonal colors, though traditionally wedding cakes are white.

Fall Attire

Of course the bride and groom would dress in their traditional colors, but the bridesmaids and groomsmen would be able to wear marigold, auburn and other seasonally rich colors. Be sure the bouquets the bridesmaids carry don't clash with the dresses they wear. The fall theme isn't restricted to the wedding either, you could have a fall themed engagement party or bridal shower to keep everything consistent.

Do What You Like

If fall is your favorite season, then of course planning a fall wedding will be one of the most exciting things to the event, besides the wedding itself. Depending on how much spare time you have will determine how active you'll be with the wedding planning activities. But if time is tight, you could always hire professional wedding planners that'll help you achieve your dream wedding. If all you want to focus on is having a great time with friends and family without having to deal with all the details, then a wedding planner is the way to go. Also, you may be able to save some money with a wedding planner because they can refer you to florists and caterers which end up saving you a percentage off your purchase. Either way, using the fall theme is a great way to tie the knot.

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