Over the last year my 3 year old son has been fascinated with Thomas the Train.  He loves the television show, the Thomas movies, even Thomas the Tank Engine bathroom accessories.  But most of all he has fallen in love with Thomas the Train railway sets.  He has been given several of these train sets and each has its plusses and minuses.  Most of them have been plastic tracks, but a fantastic Thomas the Train wooden railway set is the Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway - Battery Powered Sir Topham Hat Figure 8 Set.

My Experience with Thomas the Tank Engine Train Sets - Sir Topham Hatt Figure 8 Set

The Battery Powered Sir Topham Hat Figure 8 Set is one of the more popular toys in our household.  Because it is wooden it allows my son to assemble the track by himself much easier than the plastic tracks.  It also is much easier to put away at the end of the day since you do not have to twist the pieces apart. 

This Thomas the Train railway set comes with Thomas and a yellow caboose.  The pieces are connected magnetically, and more Thomas the Tank Engine characters can be purchased separately to add to the fun.

In this set, Thomas is battery powered, with just a single AA battery needed.  A working headlight is part of this die-cast piece. 

The figure 8 design allows for some complexity in the assembly of the track.  It might be a little difficult for some younger kids, but it does not take long for an adult to lend a helping hand.  Once the track is put together, the design helps provide more fun than a simple oval track.

Sir Topham Hat basically serves as a switch to make Thomas stop and go.  When Sir Topham Hat is turned one direction he causes a bumper to lift which in turn causes Thomas to stop.  All you do next is turn him back to the starting position and Thomas is allowed to continue.  This feature allows the child to have an interactive experience with this toy as they have some control over Thomas' actions.

Where to purchase this Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Set

The Sir Topham Hat Figure 8 Set can be found at almost any brick and mortar store that sells Thomas the Tank Engine toys.  The railway set can also be found online.  No matter where you are able to find this set, you can count on hours of time being spent playing with this toy.  A year after my son was given this track as a gift he continues to bring it out, assemble it himself, switch Thomas on and watch him go around the track.

Your child will spend quality time with one of their favorite tv characters and learn how to assemble and work a train track.  Between the ease of use and the fun that your child will have, the Sir Topham Hat Figure 8 Set is a great idea for the next birthday or holiday.

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