Do you remember waking up to the scent of home-made waffles that your mom or grandmother use to make? Frozen waffles do not compare in any respect to home made waffles which are quite easy to make. Waffles can be made for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. Selecting the best waffle maker is what's going to make sure your waffles are one of the best they can be. A waffle maker has two gridded plates, one on the top and one on the bottom. The waffle is cooked in-between the 2 plates. When pressed together, the 2 plates form the holes or impressions that are unique to waffles.

A flip over waffle maker

Since there are two different types of waffles; Belgian or the regular kind, you'll need to think about which sound the best to you. There are two different types of waffle makers so this may be the deal breaker when it comes time to buy one. Common waffles are generally thinner of course with smaller holes as you would see in the frozen waffles. Belgian waffles are much thicker and generally used for ice cream sandwiches such as those sold at festivals during the summer. After you figure out which type of waffle will best suit you, it's time to choose which waffle maker you want to have.

The Shape
Waffles additionally come in several shapes. The more common ones are square and round waffles. Fancier shapes include that of hearts and cartoon characters. Select whichever shape you prefer.

Non-stick plates
Non-stick plates are one thing you may undoubtedly need to consider. You do not want to fuss with batter being caught or burnt on the plates which can take a bit longer to wash. Non stick would be capable of be rinsed under water and just brushed with a sponge to come clean.

Browning setting
If you might be someone who likes the waffles a bit darker than the rest of the family you may want to consider the browning setting waffle maker. This provides you with a dial as a toaster would to see how scorching you would like to cook your waffle. Of course you would flip it up higher for darker and lower for lighter waffles as you would a toaster. A common function in waffle makers is the LED which indicates when the waffle maker has reached the desired temperature earlier than inserting the batter for a wonderfully cooked waffle.

Overflow reservoir
To avoid the mess of overflowing batter, some models feature an overflow reservoir which catches excess batter so that it does not spill over. Waffle makers additionally come in various sizes and colors to choose from. Choose the size that will suit the available space in your kitchen, as well as the color that will go together with your kitchen.

Waffle maker size
Maybe just one or two smaller waffles are what would make you happy or you may not have enough counter space or cabinet space to store a waffle maker. Choosing a smaller maker would help you save that space which you are looking to do. Additionally with so many various kinds of colors you might be able to even match the shade to your color scheme in the entire kitchen.

Get a waffle maker that suits your needs and impress your family and pals with delicious waffles, made even more special with a variety of toppings such as fresh fruits with a dollop of whipped cream, or with the all-time favorite butter and maple syrup. Choosing the proper waffle maker does not have to be complicated.