Here is a good plan for any person who is interested in a good weight loss plan and a strong strategy for how to start it out. If you do this exactly as described it will give you a tremendous boost in your ability to lose some weight quickly. Because you will see such fast results, you will get a huge boost in confidence when it comes to losing weight and this should give you even better results as you move forward. It is all about building on layers of success.

The more you can follow this exactly the better your results will be, so try not to cheat at all. It really is easy to do if you just follow the instructions and you will notice that it takes very little will power actually. So here is how you lose all this weight on a fasting weight loss diet plan.

Go to the store and buy about 30 dollars worth of juice. I suggest V8 Fusion because it has a bunch of extra vitamins in it but it really does not matter too much. The bit thing to watch for is that you must get juice with no pulp in it. That is critical. Also buy about 3 bags of lemons and make sure you have some paper towel at home. What you are going to do is to drink the V8 with a lemon in each glass, but always strained through a paper towel so that you remove all the pulp from the squeezed lemon. This is really, really important. Do this for 3 days straight and do not eat any food at all. That is the fasting plan and it is really, really easy to do. You think you will be hungry but in fact you will experience no hunger at all after the first day so do not psych yourself out on this. Give it a try and you will see how easy it is. In addition to being a fairly easy diet to follow, it is also a very fast diet and will get you quick results. Some people drag their diet out for months and months and torture themselves by starving, and really don't lose all that much weight. With this technique you are only dieting for 3 days at a time! How great is that? Then you can go back to eating regular food. They are also researching intermittent fasting to see if it can possibly extend our lifespans, as they believe it might be a key to longevity.

The only other suggestion is to add in some exercise. If you are out of shape I would suggest that you simply walk for an extra hour each day. Do this and you will get some awesome weight loss results, probably around 2 to 4 pounds for each day of the fast. By the way you can fast for up to 90 days like this on juice, but I would suggest that you start with a simply 3 day fast if it is your first time.