A father's role is important during a pregnancy as it may have an effect on how the baby is born. It is most commonly thought of that if there is a problem with the baby, that it is the mother's genes and the mother's fault. It is important to look at both sides in both parents. Although sometimes birth defects don't even have a cause, many people tend to blamed it on the mother and her habits. Even if a women is trying to get pregnant and can't it is not necessarily the mother's fault. When trying to figure out the cause of the situation, both parents should be researched.

Having problems getting pregnant could often be the dad's fault. Too much caffeine, tight clothing, use of drugs and stress around may reduce a father's fertility rate. Not being able to get pregnant may stress out both parents. It is important to see the causes and take action. Heavy use of alcohol can have an effect on pregnancy and health of the baby. It is important to limit the use of alcohol around the baby and time of pregnancy. Not only can the mother not drink alcohol, but seeing the father drink may cause stress on her life. Maybe as a team, you can eliminate the use of alcohol all together. Also, having support from the male partner will also affect the stress levels of the mother, her pregnancy and the baby. Did you know that even after a baby is born he can still have development and learning problems? The dad can help boost his learning skills by interacting in his life. A baby needs both parents in his life to grow up the way he should. The dad can interact with his baby long before he is even born. Talking and singing to the baby while he is in the womb are great ways to interact and connect with the baby.

Stress can alter how the baby is born. Sometimes a baby can be born prematurely if too much stress is put on a mother's life. Often times if a baby is born premature he has a low birth weight. This puts his life and health issues at risk. Stress also can increase the mother's heart rate and blood pressure. Having too high of blood pressure is dangerous while giving birth. It can affect the fetus in both long and short term. It is also important that the woman is happy with her life. If she becomes depressed for any reason it may have dramatic effects on the baby. Sometimes a baby may be very colicky if the mother has dealt with depression during her pregnancy. It may also cause the baby to have bad reflexes and have more hormones then they should.

There are many factors to consider if a baby is born with a defect. It is important to look closely instead of blaming it all on the mother. Not only does it make the mother feel badly about herself, you may also be making an assumption of something that isn't even true. The mother and father both play important roles before the baby is even born.