Many people have to deal with acne and there are also prevalent myths about acne since it is a highly argued subject with so many people having to deal with it. One of the ideas in better understanding our own personal experiences with acne is to sort out which myths have some truth in them and which ones are misleading.

Myth: Increased sun exposure helps clear up our acne.

There is absolutely no information that supports this myth. It is safe to say that tanning your skin could possibly help you to hide your acne temporarily. This is most likely a misinterpretation due to the fact that tanning your skin will temporarily refutes the inflammation of acne.

When your skin is exposed to UV light, your skin will produce pigment, which in actuality is what is associated with the term, tanning. It is excessively important that you wear a suntan lotion daily to ensure that you protect yourself from obtaining a risk for skin cancer as well as visual indications of aging.

A SPF 15 and non-comedogenic should help to assuage acne since it protects from UV rays and does not clog your pores. Most importantly, wear sunscreen if you use any topical medications are used, as these medications tend to further enervate the skin and cause vulnerability to the sun.

Myth: The more you wash the face, the better.

The reason why you want to clean your face just twice in a day is because there is a necessity of getting rid of dead skin cells, bacteria, and excess sebum. However, should you wash your face excessively, you may experience dryness, which convolute matters. It is recommended that you are gentle when washing your face. Do so only twice a day with a soft cleanser and then pat dry with a soft towel.

Myth: Pimples have to be extracted.

The aforementioned myth is entirely false! By any means, please don't touch nor attempt to pop your acne. It may transitorily make it less noticeable but in actuality, matters are only worsening. Incorrectly extracting a pimple will precipitate bacteria further into your skin and ultimately causes the infected area to be more inflamed and infected. Another result of popping your pimples is scarring. Should you decide that a pimple is to be extracted, be sure that you are much knowledgeable about the process.

These are just a few myths of acne that I've covered in this article. Be sure to obtain information about acne from multiple sources and try to uncover whether or not a myth is true or false.