Country Wedding

country flowers

Using the country theme for your wedding is a great way to provide a memorable experience for your guests. Of course, you'd want this event to take place either outside near a hayfield or inside a revamped barn with the doors wide open. Anything that represents country living would be an adequate venue. You can contact a local farmer and see if he'll allow you to use his location as a wedding venue, or better yet, if you have a family member who owns a farm you could contact them. And when deciding on decorations the main word you should continually refer would have to be "outside". That's where the country is right? Let nature and all its beauty permeate every aspect of your event. If you can't find an outside venue, you'll want to bring the country indoors the best way you can. The colors, the aromas and the decorations should have all your mind picturing some expansive rustic landscape.

Country Wedding Favors

You'll want country wedding favors your guests can remember the event by. There are many different ideas you can choose from. You can place fresh produces like ripe tomatoes in woven baskets that the guests can take home. You could also use miniature jars of honey wedding favors to satisfy the guests with a sweet tooth. Also, another popular idea is creating packages of s'mores with Hershey chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows to get the guest salivating while you say your "I Do's".

Country Wedding Centerpieces

Another good way to let the country theme take control of your wedding is to bring "outside" onto each table at the reception. You can place galvanized buckets with mini haybales on each table to give it an authentic barn style look. Also, you can incorporate grains, corn, wheat and other harvest foods in your centerpieces. The Martha Stewart website has a tutorial on how you can create dried grass/wheat centerpieces for your wedding. It'll make your event look rustic and give it that desired country flair.

Country Wedding Decorations

You'll want plenty of western decor for your country wedding as well. This can include wheat wreaths that can be placed at the ends of each table or on doors. You can use horseshoes, cowboy/girl hats and boots and place them intermittently in various locations. Also, making sure you have merlot or apple scented candles spread throughout the area will bring to minds the country lifestyle your wedding represents.

Country Wedding Ideas

There are plenty of other things you can do to make your country wedding a blast. You could ask the guests to dress up in their best country attire and the groom and bride can don cowboy hats and boots. You could also have the flower girl throwing sunflowers before the bride as she walks up the aisle. Country wedding ideas are prevalent among the net so you won't have any trouble finding more for your wedding. There are also many books with tons more country wedding ideas that'll make everyone at your event go hog wild.

image by Alicja Stolarczyk/stock.xchng