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Find Other Vendors or Wholesalers That Offer Better Prices

This is a tool that many business owners fail to remember. This day and age every penny counts and businesses have to make sure they are getting the best possible price. Business owners should take the time to research which wholesalers are out there. Many times, retailers have long-term relationships with certain vendors and decide not to look for new ones. By doing this they can save big bucks, even if it means ending a former relationship with a trusted company. After finding new vendors, many businesses tend to save hundreds of dollars a month and this ultimately increases overall sales.    

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Offer Free Samples

Whether you sell roast beef at a deli or high-end perfume, free samples may not seem like a big deal, but they are! Research shows that when potential customers sample a product they are more likely to purchase it. Even if they initially want to buy it for a friend or family member, people typically will consider purchasing a product for themselves once sampling a product. Again, you have to remember, it may cost you a couple of bucks at first, but it should increase sales over time.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are fantastic websites to use for increasing business sales. These companies offer free services to individuals and businesses. Not just are they free to use, but they have the potential to reach thousands and thousands of people. If you are selling a simple product, either in-store or online prospective customers will easily see it. Moreover, you can easily link your own website to these social media websites instantly connected possible customers to your business home page.

Offer Coupons and Promotions   

Coupons and promotions always open customer’s eyes. Usually it will convince a customer to purchase more than they initially wanted to. Coupons simply give customers better deals and generally convince them to come back and purchase more. The internet offers many easy ways to get coupons and promotions out there. Some businesses even have special meetings or events which encourage customers to join. These events usually mention upcoming products or run raffles.

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Offer a Commission Incentive to Employees

Many jobs pay employees minimum wage or slightly above minimum wage. These wages usually just aren't enough to make employees “Move It Up a Notch or Two”. Commission incentive plans typically will make employees work harder. When they work harder then businesses sell more products and/or services. In the end, commission incentives will put more money in employees' pockets and keep them happy. Business owners will also benefit by seeing an increase in overall sales.

All of these strategies will help business owners increase sales over the long-term. With a bit of research and some money on the side invested, increased sales are not an impossible goal to achieve.