Fun Facts About EMTs

Sometimes you come along an article that really peaks your interest. Hopefully this will do the same. Gaining information is great, but sometimes it’s just fun finding out some unknown facts about “stuff”. Read on and you’ll find that some of these facts may help to give you just one more piece of small talk around the dinner table or at a meeting.

The field of Emergency Medical Services is a great place to begin. This profession specializes in saving lives and providing advanced life support to those on the brink of death. Wouldn’t you like to know a little more about that person who has helped you at the time of an accident? Following you’ll find many interesting facts about paramedics that will tickle your brain a little.

1.    EMTs and Paramedics Eat Like Kings

This may not be profound or anything, but when an EMT or paramedic is on shift, they are provided with a small break room in the hospital they work. This break room is usually filled with all kinds of snacks, drinks, and meals. You can find all types of foods, from apples and bananas to cheese steaks and burritos. And it’s completely free for these professionals!

2.    Patients Used to be Carried in Mortuary Vehicles

Before 1966 and the emergence of the Emergency Medical Service, it would be normal for people to be transported to the hospital, from an accident, in vehicles used by funeral homes. Because of the lack of professional service of the current emergency services, Congress passed legislation enabling the creation of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, who now resides as the head of national EMS departments.

3.    Aspirin Could be Your Superman

The knowledge of the EMS employee is astounding to say the least. Their training and expertise goes far beyond many other professions. So what’s their advice on keeping men from experiencing sudden death from the most dangerous epidemic we face, the heart attack? Give the guy some aspirin. If only people took this advice to heart, we could save tens of thousands of men each year from dying from a heart attack. If responded quickly enough, a man can keep pumping blood to, and from, his heart while being transferred to more definite care, by taking a few pills of aspirin.

4.    You’d Love to Live Where Paramedics Are Paid Most

The five states that pay the most paramedic salary are states that you’d already be interested in living in. If you love the mountains and the outdoor wilderness, move to Alaska. This state has an annual income of $45,290. Do you enjoy living near the ocean? How about flying down to Hawaii for a life? They’re current average is about $47,190 per year.

There are three other states that you wouldn’t mind living in either. Maryland has an average of $41,300 per year wage and Oregon has an average annual pay of $41,820. To add to it all, the beautiful state of Washington pays around $41,830 per year to their paramedics.

Some organizations and businesses will pay employees an hourly wage, which turns out to be quite more than the average because of the amount of overtime they end up working.

5.    Emergency Medical Service’s Recent Data

The data that was collected in 2005 was taken from the LEADS (Longitudinal Emergency Medical Technician Attributes and Demographics Study) questionnaire. The results of this analysis consisted of EMT Basics and Paramedics, but not EMT Intermediates. This is what was found:

  • The average paramedic salary is currently $43,525 per year
  • EMS treats approximately 25-30 millions people each year
  • The expenditures of such treatment cost about $6.75 billion
  • There are about 700,000 EMS personnel in the country
  • There are less employees currently than there was prior to Sept. 11, 2001
  • About 50% of EMT-Basics are volunteers gaining their field internships
  • About 5% of Paramedics are not paid for their work
  • Around 40% of EMS personnel are employed with fire departments
  • 70% of all EMS employees are male


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