While you might not think about this, getting a golf cart means you are going to end up getting some golf cart accessories, and that you are going to do some golf cart maintenance. Honestly, I wouldn't worry too much about the maintenance costs since, with the majority of golf carts, they are pretty minimal. In fact, the main thing you will have to do to keep your golf cart running, is replace the tires and the battery. When it comes to golf cart accessories, there are a whole bunch of them, and you should at least get a few. Some of the accessories out there are pretty fancy, but a lot of them are perfectly practical and can make your golf cart more functional. Just briefly, I am going to discuss some of my favorite golf cart accessories that you might want to think about.

1. Light Kit

While you may not drive your golf cart too many places that require lights, having them can prove to be very convenient at times. Not only that, golf cart lights increase your safety, and the safety of those around you. You can sometimes get these for less than a $100, and as long as you don't leave them on and drain your battery, they are more than worth it.

2. Rain Enclosure

Golf carts are always good when it is nice outside, but when it gets colder or starts to rain, golf carts can become a bit of a pain. Getting a rain enclosure will protect you from the rain, and they will also keep you from getting blown around too much. Something that will help with the rain situation is buying a spray bottle of rain repellent. Spraying this on the outside of the enclosure will cause rain to bead up and roll away without inhibiting your view. While most brands recommend you spray it on and then rub it, I have found that you can literally just spray it on while it is raining, and it still works great.

3. Storage

There are a variety of different storage units you can buy for your golf cart, but I recommend you buy the kind that goes under your seat. This kind will keep everything dry, and it is discreet. A lot of the storage units can come with locks, and depending on just what you plan on keeping in there, that may be worth the extra investment.

4. Heater

If you are particularly sensitive to the cold, or if your significant other is, you may want to consider getting a heater for your enclosure. These obviously won't work as well as the one in your car, but they can do a surprisingly good job.

5. Radio

While you can get any type of stereo system that you want for your golf cart, getting a simple radio is the most practical. Some people like to be able to listen to their iPod while they drive around, but I am more of a news guy. If you are like me, you can get set up for a pretty small price.

6. Security System

If you start putting enough things into your golf cart, you may want to consider protecting your investment. As you might expect, you can spend a good amount of money on a golf cart security system, but you also can get one for fairly cheap. Like most things, you can spend about as much as you want on golf cart accessories.

Personally, I think that a few small items can make your cart much more functional. However, if you use your golf cart a lot then you may want to consider getting all the luxuries you'd prefer!