As a diabetic you probably know that neuropathy in the feet and lower limbs, also known as diabetic peripheral neuropathy, results in diminished ability to feel normal sensation in the tips of your feet.  As the condition worsens you may have limited sensation or no sensation in your entire feet.  If this is the case then it is very easy for you to injure yourself, often without even knowing it

Most people with diabetes deal with neuropathy in a few different ways.  They generally stay as active as they can in an effort to increase circulation in the feet, they also wear proper diabetic shoes at all times to guard against further damage, they inspect their feet frequently throughout the day to try and identify injuries before they get bad, and they also protect their feet in the home by wearing diabetic slippers.

The Cheapest Diabetic SlippersDiabetic slippers however are some items that many diabetics skimp on.  Many people simply opt to wear the cheapest slippers they can find however some of the most important types of diabetic shoes that every diabetic should buy are a good pair of diabetic house shoes which are meant to be worn only in the home.  It’s easy to overlook these items as unnecessary however these are good shoes for diabetics to buy even if all other precautions are taken.

Why You Should Buy Diabetic Slippers

Pedors Slip On Diabetic ShoesDiabetic slippers are among the best shoes to buy for a few reasons but most importantly because injuries happen around the house more than just about anywhere else.  It’s easy to think that walking around the home barefoot or in socks is safe but the fact of the matter is that diabetic house shoes are designed to be very loose around the toes and ankles helping with blood circulation but also with a thick sole which can help protect against puncture wounds or scrapes from sharp things that might be on the floor.

Additionally good womens diabetic house shoes or extra wide diabetic slipper socks are also able to protect better against stubbed toes because they often have a rubberized sole which wraps around the front end of the toes.  Stubbed toes happen more in the home than anywhere else and when the pain of a stubbed toe is subdued by neuropathy it can be hard to tell the difference between a stubbed toe and a break.  House shoes and diabetic slippers make it much less likely for you to break a toe in the home.

Other Diabetic Shoes You Should Buy

Drew Diabetic Walking ShoesOf course diabetic slippers and house shoes aren’t the only type of shoes you should buy.  Exercise is one of the most important things a diabetic can do to manage blood sugar levels better and it’s far easier to exercise regularly when you are wearing good diabetic athletic shoes.  Whether you buy diabetic walking or running shoes you do still need to start a routine of including exercise into your life but doing it in proper athletic shoes for diabetics will be much easier.

You can always head over to you local medical supply store or any of the specialty retailers online who are devoted to diabetic supplies but many people find that simply shopping on Amazon is the easiest because they have a good selection at some of the best prices around.  Definitely shop around but make sure to buy the shoes that will help you manage your condition better.  P.W. Minor, Drew, Orthofeet, and New Balance all have good options for diabetics and there are many suppliers of diabetic slippers and house shoes to choose from as well.