Dressing up in a Gypsy costume can be amazing, as long as you have the right ideas in hand! And those “right” ideas are sort of hard to come across because Gypsies have a wide variety of different looks. This article is literally filled with the most amazing gypsy costumes that you can wear, whether you’re heading out to a Halloween get together or a costume party with your friends.

In regards to the Gypsy costumes for women, you can choose to make a do-it-yourself version using fake jewellery and clothes that you have can find at a thrift store, or you can buy a complete costume that has already been created for you. The “all-in-one” option will cost more money, but will save you a TON of time!

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Some Of The Essential Accessories For All Do-It-Yourself Gypsy Costume Ideas

To average people in our society, gypsies look sort of weird wearing all types of jewellery and accessories; however, to other gypsies, they look fantastic!

Creating a do-it-yourself gypsy costume can be a lot harder than you think, simply because they use many different pieces of clothing and jewellery! Most DIY costumes involve clothes and accessories that you may already have in your closet; however, I don’t think that you will own many of these...

-A very long skirt that is made from vibrant material (such as red, green, or blue)

-Put on a white blouse that is somewhat wrinkled

-Pick 2 or 3 scarves or pashminas and wear all of them at once

-Wear at least 5 different pieces of gypsy jewellery! Some of the best gypsy jewellery can be found on Amazon

-Brightly colored face makeup. Gypsies tend to use a lot of blush, so be sure to put a lot on

-High cut boots if it`s cold outside or sandals if it`s warm

Don`t get the wrong idea, I’m sure that you have a few of these items lying around in your closet, but the fact of the matter is that they are not regular “everyday” items! Combine them all, and you will have created one of the best homemade gypsy costumes that anyone has ever seen!

*Be sure to carry a tambourine around. Gypsy women tend to use tambourines to make music, so it will really take your costume to the next level!

How To Style Your Hair For Your Gypsy Costume

Styling your hair properly is absolutely essential to looking like a Gypsy, and it is the key to pulling off the costume properly! Gypsies tend to have long wavy hair that is often black or dark brown, so you must have long wavy hair for this to work. However, this costume is still an option, even if you don’t have the hair that is required for it. You can simply head to Amazon and purchase one of the gypsy costume wigs that they have for sale!

Once you have your hair down, you should wrap a scarf around it to truly complete your gypsy look! Many gypsies are belly dancers and fortune tellers, so this “scarf wrapping” look will also work for those types of costumes!

Don’t Forget About A Hip Scarf

As I had stated before, gypsies are pretty much famous for wearing all types of funky clothes and accessories. With that being said, a hip scarf is the perfect way to complete any of the gypsy costumes for women!

Hip scarves are one of the key accessories to belly dancer costumes, so it is imperative that you incorporate one into your outfit if you are dressing up in the warm weather! Hip scarves are also the perfect way to show off the body that you have worked hard to get!

Large Dangling Earrings And Many Necklaces

Jewellery is absolutely important when it comes to executing the best gypsy costume ideas because it truly represents their fashion and culture. Put on your largest pair of dangling earrings, and layer on the necklaces to truly complete your gypsy look!

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Dress Up As A Bunch Of Gypsies-The Perfect Family Costume Idea

People that live the gypsy lifestyle often travel in packs that include between 2 and 5 families. Keeping that in mind, dressing up as a bunch of gypsies is one of the best family costume ideas that you can execute on Halloween! Simply use the ideas from above to create as many costumes as there are members of your family!

Be sure to dress the gypsy mother in the most jewellery because she plays the lead role in the family!

There are literally 100 ways to execute gypsy costume ideas because their culture varies so much! Gypsies that live in different areas tend to dress differently, so be sure to dress up as the ones that live closest to you...people will be able to recognize you much easier!