One of the things that gets me very excited is when the plane I am flying on begins its descent into McCarran Airport. For those who are unfamiliar, McCarran Airport is the airport in Las Vegas. I love flying into Las Vegas to spend a week or 2. It does not matter whether I land in Vegas at night or early morning, my feeling is the same. I get giddy when I visit.

One of the things you definitely do not want to do is to gamble heavily at the airport. Yes there are slot machines and video poker machines at McCarran Airport International airport but the payouts are not as good. If you are just passing some time then go ahead and play a few bucks but play conservatively. It has been said that there have been many people who have flown into McCarran Airport for a weekend in Las-Vegas and then lost all of their money gambling on slot machines at the airport so they had to spend their weekend in the airport because they had no money. That would leave a bad taste in my mouth.

If you are in the majority and actually make it out of McCarran Airport with some money then you will be in for a treat. It is an amazing town with a lot to do in it. There is definitely all of the normal things such as drinking, gambling, and pickling up adult pamphlets but the town of Las Vegas has numerous thing to do that are not related to gambling. One of my favorite non-related gambling activities (besides the buffets) is the pinball museum.

Yes! It even has a pinball museum that hold sine of the largest if not the largest collection of pinball machines in the World. You will find all sorts of classic pinball machines. You might even find your favorite pinball machine that you used to play as a kid in the 80’s. You do have to pay for each game, but you are a guaranteed winner because playing classic pinball machines is truly awesome.

When it comes to buffets you are going to be in luck. In Las Vegas you can find cheap Vegas buffers as well as the top 2013 Las Vegas buffets. The top 2013 Las Vegas buffets will cost more than the cheap Vegas buffets but you will often get higher quality food, although this is not always the case.

Many people try to shy away from the buffets because they do not want to overeat.  Say horse snockey. If you want to eat then go ahead and do it. I like all of the buffets but I will usually hit cheapest buffets I can find simply so I can get my moneys worth. You will find my eating habits in Las Vegas to be unique. If you were to travel to Vegas with me you would find me eating Shrimp Cocktail and Crab Cocktail and the Golden Gate Hotel for breakfast and sometimes a hotdog also. I will then skip lunch and starve myself until dinner time comes and then I pig out at a cheap buffet.

I also will hit up some of the more expensive buffets. My favorite buffet is the Seafood Buffet at Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino. The Sams Town Seafood buffet is held on Fridays and s truly awesome. I get sick every time I go to the Friday night buffet. I do not get sick because the food is bad but I instead get sick because the food is so good. The food is so good and so plentiful that I will back away about a ¼ million calories and then wobble out of there.

To burn off all the excess calories I eat while in Las Vegas I like to hit up and do some calorie burning exercises, and no the calorie burning exercising is not the skanky women wandering down around Fremont. These funny women offered to turn a “trick” but they sure didn’t look like a magician to me. There are numerous calorie burning exercises that I participate in but the most fun is golfing.

Now I am not a good golfer, in fact I suck at it, but I do work up a good sweat doing it. Go ahead and laugh at me sweating while I play golf but you don’t know why yet. I normally get to visit Las Vegas in the summertime when it is hot and the cheapest times and the least busy times is to golf in middle of the day when it is over 100 degrees. Of course I bring plenty of Gatorade to drink and I definitely rent the cart to drive also.

If you go to Las Vegas make sure you take a camera. There are so many things to take pictures of including the historical casinos, the pinball museum, the Fremont Street Experience, and the people. Street photographers find Las Vegas to be one of the best places in the United States to do street photography, second  only to New York City. In order to get the best shots for your street photography endeavors then you need to get off the Strip and head down to the Las Vegas Downtown area and snap pictures of the crowds on a weekend at the Fremont Street experience.