Mole Removal

Pigmented spots or skin moles are developments that are brown, pink, tan or beef colored. Though, they are not unsafe, everybody prefers to get rid of them because they look awfully. There are a number of ways to dispose of the moles, but the most effective 3 mole removal options are natural remedies, products, and surgery.

Natural Remedies

Onion juice is a very effective natural remedy to eliminate moles. Applying this juice on the pigment at least once in a day for a few weeks would work wonderfully.

Green papaya juice, sour apple juice or lemon juice are also one of the efficient ways. Their usage on the tint three times a day for almost three weeks would lessen their prominence.

The paste of baking soda and castor oil is an alternation as well. Apply it on the moles before going to bed and wash it off in the morning. Repeat the process for a week to get the desired results.


Another workaround to take out skin moles is to use proficient products that can be availed in the form of liquid or cream. There are a number of products available on the market these days, but Dermatend stands out amongst all. The ingredients used are canadensis, sanguinaria,vegetable glycerin, distilled water, and zinc salts.

The usage of Dermatend is simple. Slightly penetrate the mole before applying the matter, which will allow the product to start the procedure of removing the mole.


Expurgation is one of the methods that fall under the surgical category. Usually, it is done with the aid of a scalpel and the stitches take place after the exclusion. No need to take out the stitches explicitly as they will dissolve themselves. 

Cryotherapy is one more technique, which works well for minor moles. This is performed either by injecting the liquid nitrogen or by spraying it on the mole.


To conclude I would like to add that all of the methods above are proven to be effective. Many people have managed to get rid of their skin blemishes using these options. So, you can choose one of the methods above and achieve great results. But do not forget to consult with your doctor before starting home removal. Some skin moles may be cancerous and in this case it is not recommended to remove them using natural methods. Thank you for reading the article. Good luck.