Web dating services offer anonymity if you just want to browse.

You can meet more people on the web than if you just searched locally.

You start talking online without actually meeting him/her in person.


You may find the occasional nut-job

A picture's worth a thousand words; you meet them in person and find out they're speaking a different language.

Even with extensive searching, you may not find the love of your life.

Full Review

Web dating services populate the internet like a Justin Bieber tour bus breaking down next to a cheer-leading competition. Millions of people comb through the internet searching for that one special person. But how do you know which web dating service is worth the effort? Checking out some reviews is a good idea. I've browsed a few, and have included different features each site has so you wouldn't have to.

Plentyoffish: It's the biggest free web dating service on the net. A lot of negative reviews were from women complaining about men wanting first night encounters and men complaining about women with unreal expectations. Typical across most web dating services so I kept pressing for more. One review from a private investigator claims the whole site is a scam. Saying Plentyoffish posts fake pictures to attract more members, since being a free site, advertising revenue would be its only income.

I found some positive reviews and success stories though also so I guess it depends on your personal experience. And unlike paid web dating services there's no customer support so you have to fend for yourself - watch out for marrieds and scammers. There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but there are sharks too.

eHarmony: When I started searching for reviews for this site I saw a lot of negativity. Most of the complaints were about the appearance of the matches or lack thereof. Since eHarmony emphasize compatibility on a personal level - a little deeper than your average single wants to go - I didn't count those reviews against them. I've seen some legitimate complaints though, like when finishing the 258 question profile 1 in 5 people are told eHarmony cannot find a match, so they're rejected. And how after your subscription expires eHarmony continues to charge your account because of an automatic re-sign up process, which a lot of people fail to notice.

Even so, I'd still give them a shot. They are thorough with 258 questions and a survey done by Harris Interactive reports that on average, 542 members marry every day in the U.S. Good for if you want science to find the love of your life.

Zoosk: I bet you've never heard of Zoosk before. And no, I didn't just make that word up, it's an actual web dating service that started in 2007 as an application on facebook. They have basic free membership but to vastly improve your possibility of matches you need to pay a monthly fee. They also have Zoosk coins that you can purchase virtual gifts with, make your profile more visible to browsers and receive special delivery confirmation. You were able to "unlock" conversations with other members using Zoosk coins as a basic member, but I found a review stating they've changed that policy and now the only way to "unlock" conversations is to become a premium member which costs 30 bucks a month.

This is probably the most versatile of all the web dating services because you can download the application on a number of different social networking sites and also mobile phones. This is among the more recognizable list of web dating services. This site is user friendly and has a lot of members so you're more likely to find what you're looking for. They have a "Make Love Happen Guarantee " feature that says if you don't find anyone in 6 months they'll give you 6 months for free, which sounds like a good deal. Some complaints were about automatic membership renewal - they continue charging your account even if you've canceled. Sites that have this usually have problems. Other problems were with the Daily 5 feature where will send you 5 people a day, some members complain that those matches weren't matches at all. Beyond that, the volume of people makes it more likely to find someone to hang out with. So it wouldn't hurt to try it out.

There are tons of web dating services on the net and plenty of reviews, so if you're not finding people in real life, online dating sites might be something to look into. Some good review sites are, and . Good luck.

In Closing

I used to go on dating sites but then I just lost interest. The only place online where I got a connection was in a chat room not associated with any web dating service, so maybe broaden your horizons beyond specific dating sites and connect through social networks or other ways of communication.