Age-Defying Basics

The Super 7 Age-Defying List

Age-Defying Basics

A few age-defying basics to look young provide super food for thought.  Age-Defying at Its BestOh sure, we all know that we should be proud of our age, cherish the memories, and enjoy the knowledge that goes along with age.  Does it not feel great though when someone says we do not look our age and that we look younger than we are?  Why is that such a compliment?  Think about it.  The statement says that a person has taken care of themselves. That is a badge of honor to wear.  So, what are a few basic tricks to look younger?

Age-Defying Basics: Dress for a Younger Look

Look around and take note  of well dressed people who are just a tad younger than you. This certainly does not mean to sport a mini-skirt at sixty.  Following any fashion trends that belong to those just a bit younger does take off a few years in appearance.  New fun waits at the mall in shopping on that one too!

Age-Defying Basics: Makeup Foundation to Defy Age

Mineral make-up is all the rage.  The problem is it can settle into creases and amplify their appearance. Always use a good silicone primer to avoid the problem if using a powdered foundation.   In considering liquid foundation, stars and models often wear good tinted moisturizer versus full-coverage foundation.   A concentrated concealer is then added on just the darker spots.  Dark areas under the eyes form when a person looses fat under the eyes.  The ‘cure’ arrives in the form of a highly pigmented cream concealer matched to the exact skin color.  Merely dabbing the cream on and pressing with fingertips works wonders.

Age-Defying Basics:  Blush to Reverse Aging

As with mineral powder foundations, blush powders can also sit on top of the skin and settle into creases.  Once again, a good primer fills in those spaces and avoids the powder from settling in.  Try using a cream blush in rose or peach shades as an easy remedy that works.

Age-Defying Basics:  Eye Shadow Working Against Aging

Sparkling or shimmering eye shadow spotlights creases.  Attention draws to the fine lines in the eyes.  Consider using a matte shadow and cover the entire lid. The recommendation is to use gel eyeliner on the top lid as blending will be easier than with a pencil.

Age-Defying Basics:  Lips to Defy Age

Plump, gorgeous lips improve looks at any age.  Apply a lip treatment or lip moisturizer at the start of the makeup application routine.  Then us a gel pencil or translucent wax to seal off the edges of the lips and prevent lipstick running into creases around the mouth. Sheer lipsticks or tinted lip balms work well.  For flaky lips, try one of the purchased ‘lip fixers’ or merely pat the lips with the sticky side of scotch tape to remove any loose skin.  Always use a lip moisturizing balm.

Age-Defying Basics:  Eyeliner and Mascara

Use eyeliner to line eyes close to the upper lashes, stopping short of the eye corners. Curl upper lashes and apply mascara to top lashes only. Attention goes  to the top of the eye giving an uplifting look.

Age-Defying Basics:  Hair for Defying Age

Check out the haircuts on actresses as they get older.  The secret might be in their hair.  Consider a shorter cut with layers that frame the face.  Again, the eyes focus up and out.  On that same note, blow dry hair up and out to give added volume.

Think of finding useful hints that work for age defying as a sport of sorts, a type of age fitness.  Enjoy the adventure in age defying searches, but do not forget to relish in the positives that come with age as well.