A child is really a person preparing for adulthood.  The last thing many children want is to do work. I have found a way to help a child become responsible. It is real simple yet takes a lot of resolve for the parent to stick with it. It takes a few simple steps with a lot of endurance and stamina from the parents.  Here are the steps:


Find an area inside or outside of the home that the child can have total responsibility for. This must be an area that you will not touch and it must already look like you want it to be kept.

 Step 2 

Write down what needs has to be done in this area.

 Step 3

Sit down or take a walk with the child to explain and make sure they hear and understand what you are asking them to do and when you need it to be completed.

 Step four

Without too much interference let the child be responsible for this area until they learn how to consistently take care of the area.

That is the process with one area that can give focus to the parent and consistency for the child. This will also take some patience on your part. They may not get it for days or weeks. Some may take a few months others will get it right away. It all depends on the child and the area (kitchen, lawn, dishes, laundry etc.).  It will be obvious that the area is clean and organized or unclean left in disarraybecause the child is the only one responsible for it. 

When guests come over they will see it.  They will compliment the work or they will say nothing because they are embarrassed to mention it. Either way the child will be the one complimented.  If the chore is not done and the area is not clean or in order then they will learn to feel and ultimately be responsible.

If you try this come back and let me know how it worked out.

Being Responsible
Credit: by Vanessa Israel