People generally invest a lot of money to hire professional people to cater to their gardening or landscaping requirements of their homes only because they have not maintained it properly when they could. Just by following some basic tips, it can really make your garden back to life.

These tips can make a difference.

Tips to cut branches

Pruning or cutting the unwanted branches is very important, however if you make a mistake do not worry about it, just consider it as a very bad haircut, the branch will grow again so that time you can be more careful and avoid making the same mistake again.

Never water the plants in the evening.

Watering plants in the evening especially during the summer is a bad idea. This could lead to many problems due to the high humidity especially during the summer. It can also damage the plants and all your efforts can go down the drain.

Make sure that you get rid of the powdery mildew or fungus

The powdery mildew is a commonly known fungus that affects the plants, when you notice a white powdery like substance on your plants, you can be sure that it is this kind of fungus. Today there are many fungicides in the market available and are said to be very effective.

 How to prevent pythium blight

It is never advisable to leave the grass in your lawn wet or moist at night. One of the main reasons is because it can result to the growth of a very dreadful fungus known as pythium blight. During the nights, the humidity tends to be very high, in order for fungus to grow, humidity is needed. This can be seen easily during early morning. It looks like little white balls of cotton candy. This can be noticed mainly on the driveway, garden pavement or sidewalks or any such place where there is a lot of moisture in the soil. This can be controlled by watering the lawn during the day.

The fungus called fire blight

This kind of fungus mostly grows during the summer season and is known to attract trees crabapple, apple trees etc. A person can notice this kind of fungus on the branches of the tree. The branches affected with this sort of fungus turns red in color and dies. The best way to prevent this kind of fungus is to cut the particular branch as much as possible. When you are cutting it, you need to ensure that the branch should still be burnt as this is very contagious and can affect the remaining branches or the tress on it on

The flying fungus-Shotgun fungus

This kind of fungus is like a small little gem that prefers to manifest in mulch and has a tendency to swell. It can fly in the air up to 8 feet and splatter a home with its tiny brown specks. These specks stick on a house or the windows of the house like glue. There is nothing much a person can do to prevent it however the least you can do is to ensure that the mulch is loose so that there is circulation of the air.