Backyards in the nighttime can be very intriguing locations if we use just a little bit of imagination. Look at designing light effects rather than illuminating the whole garden or outdoor space. By making use of a few basic tricks accompanied by a little consideration, you can easily enhance the garden at night time. Let us take a good look at a number of ideas to help you get started.
Interesting night time back yards should actually be about establishing mystery and intrigue, however to achieve this we have to be cautious with the amount of light we've got in the garden. Too much landscape lighting might mess up the effects, especially when using electric lights. Candle light can certainly produce a pretty pleasant impact with gentle and softer light levels. To help use candles outdoors you can put them inside containers to guard them from the wind. Small child food jars are ideal for single little candle lights distributed about the backyard.
When it comes to the parts of the garden where you require extra lighting think about the inclusion of string lights or maybe fairy lighting fixtures. Yet again they are quite a low intensity type of lighting used a lot more for effect rather than to provide brilliant light. Fairy lights have got that atmospheric look to them. String lamps may be entwined all through trees and shrubs or maybe all around a pergola to add to this kind of mood lighting effect.
Solar energy lights can certainly be convenient and also produce light of a reduced intensity in comparison with regular electrical lamps. Solar power lighting products are actually very popular right now and also the quality of such lights has drastically improved since the original solar lights which emerged onto the market. They've the added advantage of saving on electrical power and set up rates, as they are simply placed in the back garden ready to go.
 Through mixing a number of these lower power light solutions you can produce a wonderful impact and also light your back garden in a very practical, energy-efficient and eco friendly manner. The use of light fixtures of differing intensity can really help to create an interesting and atmospheric lighting design.