I am always trying to learn about new ways to save money and about frugal living. I find there has to be a balance between enjoying life and not partaking in the extravagances the world throws at us. And I believe grocery shopping is an area where we can save quite a lot of money.

I’d like to recap a few stratgies I found on the web and add a few of my own notions. They may seem like common sense, but it helps me to every once in a while be reminded of them.

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First off lets define what a Wholesale Store is. They most likely need a membership. They sell products in large quantities. And they are not everywhere located. 

An example of such a store is Costco .

But enough about the definitions. Lets talk saving money.

Tip number One

Only have one membership card. Perhaps you feel you can get better deals shopping at various bulk stores. But why do you need a membership card for two or three wholesale chains. You’ll end up paying close to $100 or more a year for both memberships. Choose the one you like best and stay with it.


Tip number Two

Share the cost of a membership. This makes total perfect sense. Find a friend who also is interested to go shopping at a bulk store. More then likely you wont be going there every week. But maybe every 2 to 3 months. It is easy to coordinate with your friend and combine a shopping trip.


Tip number Three

Don’t buy brand names! Things like soap, or paper towels. Why spend the extra cash for a colorful logo, when you can get similar products produced by say a Costco or some other unkown company. Those extra cents you’ll save add up. And if you really only trust that main brand, experiment. And see if you don’t find out that you won’t be able to find a big difference, other then cost, and packaging.

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Tip number Four

When buying fruits and vegetables in bulk, or anything of such nature that can go bad, split it with your friend, relative, or your neighbor. Share the cost. If you think you’ll use that whole case of strawberries, think again. Most of us have to throw at least a few cartons out because they’ve gone bad.


Tip number Five

Freeze your food before the expiration date kicks off. Of course make sure you have enough room in your freezer.

Tip number Six

Don’t be like my grandmother, who is a WWII refugee and needs her cupboards filled to the brim. It’s ok to have to have empty space in the pantry. Twenty Cans of Tuna may have sounded like a good idea at the time, but do you really think you’ll be able to eat Tuna for the next six months?


Tip number Seven

Never go shopping when you are hungry! I know you’ve done it. I have. Shopping when the tummy is rumbling is the worst. Everything looks great and yummy, and your stomach will tell you that everything is worth buying. Don't do it. Grab a snack before you go.