With ios 7 (Apple's new mobile operating system) being released to developers this morning - and being a developer myself - I am lucky enough to have iOS 7 installed on my iPhone 5 as of early this morning (Australian time).  To start with, getting the new operating system was somewhat annoying as there was an issue downloading it from the Apple site directly.  I would assume this would have been caused by the huge number of people trying to download the OS - however thanks to good old torrents I was able to get my hands on the much coveted operating system :D.  Although iOS 7 is not publically released, it is fully legal (and even recommended by Apple) for developers to write content about the operating system.

So, what do I think of it?  All in all it's a great update to the iOS lineup; it brings simplicity, elegance and a generally awesome new look to the entire iPhone.

My highlights so far:


The lockscreen is simply beautiful.  The new design is a much needed overhaul of the old 'slide to unlock' bar that we have been used to for so many years now.

Home ScreenCredit: supplied

Pull up menu

This is a really cool feature.  Anywhere on the phone, you can now swipe up to access a whole suite of really useful and great options (volume, brightness, airplane mode, bluetooth, night mode, rotation lock, music controls, airplay, airdrop, touch, stopwatch, calculator and camera).  I think - just for this feature alone - the upgrade is worth it!

New messages

The new messages app is really lovely.  It is both simple and very flat (exactly as what was expected on this version of the iOS).  It will take some users a number of days to get used to the new feel of the messages app, but once they are acquainted with it, I am sure they will love it.

New call screen

The phone interface has been totally re-designed and it looks great.  As you press the button, the centre of the round button becomes transparent, which I consider to be a really nice touch and shows awesome attention to the fine details of this operating system.

Making a callCredit: supplied During phone callCredit: supplied


Multi-tasking is so much easier it isn't funny.  It looks great and it is very useful to be able to see what is happening with an app before switching over to it.

Switching between appsCredit: supplied

3Dish effect

This is a lovely new feature which is obvious when you move the screen and look at the phone.  It's something simple but it really adds something extra that I can't quite yet put into words and certainly cannot show within the constraints of a photo.  However it is most definitely a positive thing.


The keyboard has been updated in the default Apple apps and it is interesting; it has a totally different 'feel' to the old keyboard and, as I've only just started typing with it, I will have to update you later about exactly what it's like to use!  First impression is a good one, though.

KeyboardCredit: supplied

So overall I think this operating system is pretty fantastic, although to be honest I wouldn't recommend updating to it at the moment - this is because it simply isn't ready for public release.  There are a number of bugs I have run into (from moving apps around, to a few keyboard issues, and also including a range of third party apps having issues).

I'm sure some hard-core techies reading this will want more details, but I don't want to go into too much detail, simply because I know some things will change and the bugs - as I've said - will be ironed out in time for the official release.

I am confident that Apple won't release this software into the wild until any issues are fully resolved, so until then ... hang on!  And look forward to a great iOS update that's coming to your iPhone soon.