You can stay fit by doing a simple five-minute workout daily and a few light activities throughout the day.

And this totally free exercise program will also help to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Let's get started!Just five minutes!

For the first minute-Extend your right arm toward the ceiling, stretching as high as you can. Now turn your head so that you are looking behind your right shoulder. Repeat with the left arm.

Extend both arms out to the sides so they are parallel with the floor. Twist your upper body as far to the right as you can, then to the left as far as you can. Return to the center and then bend from the waist and try to touch your toes, but do only what feels comfortable. Don't force it.

Second minute-Do as many sit-ups as you comfortably can in a minute, with your knees bent and your arms folded across your chest. Try to touch your arms to your knees each time you sit up. Over a period of several weeks, try to work up to at least 10 sit-ups.doing sit ups

Third minute-Stand a few feet away from a wall, place your palms against the wall and do wall push-ups. Lean as close to the wall as possible, with your feet as far away as you can place them comfortably. Gradually work up to 10, 15 or more push-ups.

Fourth and fifth minutes-Either run in place or hop on alternate feet. Start slowly, then gradually build up your pace.

You can do this five-minute workout anytime, whatever suits your schedule. And it's best to combine the workout with other activities, such as:

A full minute of stretching

Walking up and down stairs

Walking briskly

Standing as much as possible (standing burns twice as many calories as sitting)

Make a point of lifting something fairly heavy at least once a day

Regular household cleaning and chores

Establishing a regular walking routine is one of the best things you can do; here are some additional ways to enhance it:

Choose the right shoes. They should be lightweight, well-cushioned with a shock-absorbing sole, substantial arch supports and plenty of room for the toe.

Vary your routes.

Maintain good posture.

Keep up a brisk pace (strive for three to four miles per hour)

Take long, even strides.

Drink water before you walk, when you finish, and also during your walk.

Walk at least three times a week, preferably four (at least 20 minutes of vigorous walking, not including the warm-up, and a cool-down of slower walking at the end).