If you are looking for Fluke network troubleshooting equipment, cable testers, digital multi-meters or calibration equipment, you might as well click off now. This is a an article about flukes.

A fluke is any of various flat fishes especially in the flounder family. Why a flounder is a fluke I do not know. A fluke is slang for a accidentally good shot or lucky shot in billiards. A fluke is also slang for a stroke of luck. So how is a flounder a fluke? Was it a fluke that they ended up on your dinner plate?

Is a flounder a worm? A trematode is a class of parasitic worms with one or more external suckers. Another name for trematode is fluke. Do flounders get flukes? So if a fluke uses a flounder for a host, would it be a fluke fluke? Actually trematodes infect mollusks and not flounders.

Flukes are more commonly the name of sharp pointy things. An anchor has a fluke. It is the pointed part of an anchor. It is the part of the anchor that digs into the ground to secure the boat or dock or some kind of floating platform. Arrows and harpoons also have flukes. It is barbed head of the arrow end, otherwise known as an arrowhead.

Whales have flukes also. Flukes are what you call either of the two lobes of a tale on aquatic mammals. It is the pair of horizontal tail fins of whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

There was a 1995 movie called Fluke. It was based on the 1977 book of the same name. Fluke is about a puppy who has flash back memories and dreams of being human. He is found and raised by a homeless woman named Bella. Bella names him Fluke. Bella dies, the dog grows up and has more adventures. Finally he discovers his human connection: Fluke is a dead workaholic. There is a moral in this somewhere.

How do you test a fluke?

Fluke electronics makes testing equipment. They make electronic testing equipment for all sorts of things. I bet though that they do not test flukes. How do you test a flounder or a trematode. Maybe you can test for trematodes. Perhaps a scientist that studies trematodes might be called a fluke tester.

As far as testing flukes on arrows and harpoons, you only need to see if they are sharp. There may be electronic testing equipment to test for sharpness. I imagine if the same piece of equipment was used to test both harpoon and arrow flukes, it would be called a fluke multimeter.

Anchor flukes on the other hand probably require some quality control testing. Anchor flukes need to be strong. A broken anchor flute does not anchor well at all. If you put jewelery on an anchor, would it be referred to as fluke accessories?