For those of you out there like me, golf is somewhat like my second religion. A bad day on the golf course is much better than a good day at work anytime and believe me I have had some bad days on the golf course. Anyone that plays can attest to the fact that the sport can be good exercise and has some quality health benefits. However, it can also be hazardous to your health in some ways if you fail to take some necessary precautions. One of the ways in which you can become seriously injured on the course involves the simple matter of carrying your golf bag. I have had friends pull muscles in their back and even tear a rotator cuff by picking their bags up and throwing them on their shoulder. For this reason, one of the first equipment investments a new golfer would be wise to consider is a folding trolley in order to transport their golf bag around the course.

Now if you are fortunate enough to be able to employ a human caddy, you can stop reading right now and move on to something that really pertains to you. But, if you are like the majority of golfers and sometimes have to scratch around to just come up with the money to pay for the round of golf, you have to provide your own means of carrying your bag. Of course, you can rent a cart and I sometimes do if I am in a rush. Mostly, I walk the course. I like the exercise and feel like I am playing at a more leisurely pace and enjoying the game more. However, I found that by constantly picking up and putting down my old traditional carry golf bag throughout a round of golf, I was unnecessarily expending a lot of energy. This is where I feel my folding trolley has really helped to improve my game.

By having my bag attached to the trolley, I no longer waste energy with the constant up and down and the carrying of the bag. I simply push or pull my bag along with me on the folding trolley and find that I am much less tired the final two or three holes of a round like I used to be. My arms and shoulders feel less fatigued and my golf swing no longer suffers because I lack the necessary energy to properly swing my clubs. In addition to carrying your bag, a golf trolley also provides for additional places to carry water, snacks, an umbrella and any other items of your choosing.

For the ultimate experience with a golf bag trolley, you could consider an electric trolley. Same premise as the push/pull cart except an electric trolley is almost completely a hands off operation. You just point it in the direction you would like it to go, flip the switch and your bag rolls along right beside you until you reach your destination. However, if you choose an electric folding trolley, you must do the manly thing and go for the remote control option. With a remote, you no longer even have to point the bag in the direction of travel and that is about as lazy as you can get on a golf course if you elect to walk instead of ride.

Regardless of the type of folding golf trolley you decide is best for you, I think you will find the benefits to be numerous. By saving the energy normally expended by handling your golf bag 70 to 100 times each round (closer to 100 if you play like me), you will be able to save and transfer that energy to your golf swing. Utilizing a folding trolley will allow you to end your round with a better score, greatly reduce your chances for a serious injury and help to increase your overall enjoyment of the game of golf.