History of the Freemasons


There is a wide body of literature and esoteric speculation for centuries, about the intentions of the Freemasons and the shadowy history surrounding their place in the world. The predominant legends, pseudo histories and conspiracy theories, all focus themselves around a central idea of the Freemasons plotting to take over the world. This idea is much older than many people may realize, so let us examine some of the more frequently held assertions. Keeping in mind that most of what will be explained is not based on hard facts, but rather bits of rumor, mythology, legend, religious texts, political writings, occult literature, poetics and word of mouth.


The Freemasons have a long legacy that is mysterious and secretive, long before their traditions traveled to the North American landscape. Knowledge of the absolute factual history is nearly impossible, but here is the story of the Freemasonic orders in the United States of America today. As told by the majority of conspiracy theorists and alternative historians.


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The foundations of Freemasonry have their roots in Britain during the 16th and 17th centuries. It is a fact that Freemasonry is one of the longest standing fraternal orders in world history, but it's secular focus and secretive practices have always been in question. Allegations have always been put forth, that the Freemasonic lodges were hiding a politically motivated agenda for world domination. Their ultimate goals were rumored to involve building a world governing body, one based on the principles of Freemasonry with the world as a ritualistic temple on Earth.


Associations with the ancient military arm of the Roman Church was a large part of the Freemasonic mythology. They were said to have retained the secrets and relics brought from the holy lands by the Knights Templar during the three great Crusades. Some historical texts allude to the last of the Templar having hidden with the Freemasons, seeking amnesty from execution. The Freemasons were the supposed remnants of the Knights of Saint John, or the Hospitallers from Northern Europe.


In any scenario, the Freemasons gained reputations for having practiced anything ever linked to the maligned Knights Templar. Like the Templar they were accused of witchcraft, sorcery, blasphemy, blood rituals, pagan rites and most clearly, the practice of Satanism. Their Anti-Christian order was accused of seeking to invoke a worldwide imperial cult of the kings, so that a false messianic religion could be introduced to the world. This would fulfill the coming of a new order of ages on the Earth, or as is printed on our money in America today, Novus Ordo Seclorum. The evidence of this in modern times is the lineage of Presidents in the United States and a slow progression towards world government, by the unification of Europe and the inevitable coming New World Order or NWO.

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The Conspiracy of The New World Order

The accusations of a Freemasonic world government neglects one important detail from the fraternal histories in Europe. Masonic tradition has always been fraught with disagreements between the many individual groups that are represented by the Grand Lodges, such that very few groups practice the same rituals or hold the same system of beliefs overall. Thus a unified cult of greater conspiracies is very unlikely, if not impossible, but that is up to some debate for sure. It was like that seeing home and mom again.


Once upon a time, the Freemasonic brotherhood began to split into factions. Historical texts from the time portray that several splinter groups form out of the shaking ground where the Freemasons were standing politically, the main ones being the Illuminati, the Ordo Templi Orientis and the mythical Elders of Zion. Each group has only as much merits as is historically traced by facts, once again the reader must consider this.


The Illuminati were a secret society founded in Bavaria, Germany. Their goals were free thinking, secularism and open minded rationalism using a mystery school tradition from the old world. They were accused of being the hidden masterminds of the French Revolution and by association, remnants of the reformed Freemasonry cult.


The Order Templi Orientis was definitely a real organization. It's most famous days were under the leadership of European occult magus Aleister Crowley. The O.T.O. probably had little interest in Freemasonry, but their overall practices of esotericism and ritualism were similar to the rumored activities of the Freemasonic cult groups.


The Elders of Zion were a mostly mythological concept, based on a famous antisemitic piece of literature called the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This text of social propaganda has been turned into gospel, by many groups that are enticed by its portrayal of the Jewish people, as the secret society that is seeking to control the world through blood magic and greed primarily.


Each of these associations have been used to loosely tie Freemasonry with Adolf Hitler and the Third Riche. This is where many of the conspiracy theories take a full swing, but show a complete contradiction in their logic and any ability to draw conclusions that are at all rational. As time moves forward, the world take over has been left with the mobilization of the Freemasons out of Europe. They are said to have then spent most of the last century being busy little bees, building all the great American landmarks, political buildings and other important pieces of the temple on Earth. They also are rumored to have left their aspirations to make world domination alone, instead they have a greater plan to enslave the world population.

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Modern Conspiracies

Modern organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission are all supposed to have something to say about my son. At least they are not going to feel any guilt, whatever the outcome of human history really results in today. Essentially, the Freemasons are an example of how big and very human sometimes are in the world. This is the reason why most people should not worry what anyone says to them, the world can go anywhere like telling myself, but running faster.