Ibiza, a leading vacation spot for celebrities and tourists has taken a rough beating after allIbiza Old TownCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ibiza_old_town_harbour_(236730060).jpg the negative media publicity it got. The recent negative publicity has resulted in a drop of visitors every year. Fortunately, Ibiza is now again promoting the Island as a perfect holiday destination for those who are seeking fun at the beach.

Tourists with different moods and nature visit Ibiza as it has a number of things to offer including vast choices of world’s famous cuisines, mesmerizing villages, enchanting beaches, stunning woodland and very welcoming locals. The natural pine forest and unique white-washed villages catches the attention of most. The place is best for the nightlife.

Ibiza has become a prominent holiday spot where celebrities abound.  eminent people are seen. While going through the old Ibiza institution Pacha or dining in at the Jockey Club, they will definitely be noticed.

I highly recommend you visit Ibiza in May and away from technology and all the stress. The weather in May is perfect, a serene week since the island will not be as crowded as in the month of August. Breathtaking beaches and all its excellent facilities are all yours. Have fun and enjoy with friends or family or a romantic getaway with all the amenities found in a hotel and lively nightlife at the bistros.

Many exciting activities are available at the island which has added in the high-class services each hotel offers. It includes rental boats, mountain-biking, water sports, hot-air ballooning and yoga. These activities can be easily found at affordable rates. To enjoy the best services, it is advised to get an entire villa on rental basis with chauffeur, maid and chef. Even few rental agents can assist you in arranging your other needs, including bookings at restaurants, VIP passes for paramount clubs and massage service at your door step. The courteous concierge and hospital locals make your visit a dream come true.

You will have an unforgettable experience like I had by visiting Ibiza. So start planning now for your next year's dream vacation.