A quality front door keyless entry system for your home can provide you and your family with the peace of mind in knowing that your house is secure and your family is safe. It can also offer you much more versatility in the way you operate your home and keep it secure. Keyless entry door locks do cost more than a standard deadbolt but the simply offer so much that their price is easily justified.

Types Of Keyless Entry Door Locks

First of all it’s important to define what we are talking about up front. There are many different kinds of keyless entry systems. There are the commonly used keypad deadbolt door locks that also have a keyhole entry. These are my favorite and they are most common but the there are other options too.

The truly keyless entry systems are either mechanical or electronic. The mechanical varieties do not need power and purely operate on mechanics. This is great in that you don’t have to worry about power or batteries but it does limit the extra features a keyless entry lock can provide.

Most consumer level keyless entry door locks are electronic and require electricity or battery power. The battery powered locks are much easier to install and maintain because wiring is not necessary. I prefer these electronic door locks because they can be cheap enough to justify purchasing, they offer plenty of features over the standard door lock, and they have more options and features that most mechanical push button door locks offer.

The electronic keyless entry systems can also come in many forms. There are really just two that are commonly used however. The push button keyless entry system and the biometric system which often is a fingerprint reader are the two common varieties.

Best Keyless Door Lock System For A Family

If you are shopping for a keyless entry system and you have a family then probably the best system is to buy a fingerprint entry system however these are much more expensive and more complicated. When my wife and I shopped for our keyless entry system we figured that unless we wanted something substantially more secure than a normal deadbolt a push button door lock with keyhole would be fine.

Basically the push button deadbolt door lock adds a lot of flexibility to our home life without sacrificing security. The new door lock we bought is just as secure as our older deadbolt ever was. The difference however is that we have an alternate way of unlocking the door and we can give out temporary entry codes to anyone we like at any time. It’s kind of like being able to switch your locks out any time you like.

We also liked the fact that having the key as an entry option made us less concerned about forgetting a code, mis-typeing the code and getting locked out, or coming home to find the battery on the deadbolt had expired leaving us stranded. For us, having two ways of unlocking the thing from the outside was great and made us feel secure.

Another major selling point for us was that the electronic keyless entry locks gave us the option of programming multiple codes for use whenever we wanted. With a standard lock we would have to duplicate our key to give access to anyone else. With a pushbutton system however our neighbor has a code to get in when we are away so that they can feed our cats. We can give contractors a code to get it when we are having work done on the place. The babysitter gets her own code when she comes by for an evening.

The beautiful thing about all this however is that each of these codes can be temporary in nature. When we return from a weekend trip we can deactivate the code we gave to our neighbor. We can deactivate or cancel out a code given to anybody at any time and we can always update any code at any time. This is in contrast to having to get your door lock rekeyed anytime you want to make any duplicate keys to your home obsolete.

Which Exterior Door Keyless Entry Lock System Should You Buy

Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt LocksThis completely depends on your needs and preferences. When we researched door locks and bought ours we valued ease of use, flexibility in operation, a lower price, and simplicity in installation. Because of our values we chose the Schlage BE365VCAM716 Camelot Keypad Door Lock which was priced very competitively. We saw it as a premium lock selling for a good price. It was more expensive than the cheapest options but appeared to be of a much higher quality due to past customer reviews listed on the Amazon sales page.

While we shopped we briefly considered the biometric keyless entry systems figuring they would be more secure. In fact they are more secure due to the fact that someone can’t guess your entry code but they are more expensive and harder to install and program. Other systems could beef up security but they generally required we lose our keyhole entry option which is something we weren’t interested in doing.

If you did value increased security over all other features then you could go for a biometric thumbprint entry system or at the very least a mechanical pushbutton system which eliminates the keyhole. These still mean someone can crack, guess, or copy your code but lock-pickers and lock bumpers have no way of gaining access any more. I wrote a whole article on whether keypad door locks are safe which covers each of these concerns in more detail if this interests you.

For the typical family however I can’t stress enough my recommendation for ease of use and flexibility of use. You have kids, family members, and houseguests coming and going all the time. A simple keypad entry system with a keyhole for your front door can help you manage everything a little more efficiently. In my opinion this is the best keypad deadbolt solution for the average family. I think of my family as the average family and if it’s the best option for us it has to be a pretty good option for others.