Published by Antique Collectors' Club Ltd., in November 2011, A Front Row Seat was originally released to coincide with an exhibition at London's Fashion & Textile Museum.

A Front Row Seat, Kirstin Sinclair
Credit: Antique Collectors' Club Ltd., London, 2011

Kirstin Sinclair - About the Author

Kirstin Sinclair, author of A Front Row Seat, is a talented photographer who, when not shooting catwalk shows, can be found on location and in studios, working for clients such as Louis Vuitton, Topshop and Miss Selfridge as well as The Fashion and Textile Museum. This artist's work has appeared in a wide range of print publications including British Vogue, British Elle, Elle Collections and British Grazia magazines, as well as online at,,, and

The publication, written by Kirstin Sinclair, includes a Foreword by the British supermodel, Erin O'Connor. Kirstin's photography and text are intermixed with quotes from industry professionals to provide a documentary record of catwalk history recorded during international shows, presentations and parties, in New York, Milan, London and Paris over the last seven years.

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A Front Row Seat - About the Publication

The book opens with a Foreword by the British supermodel, Erin O'Connor.

The remainder of the book is divided into eight self-explanatory chapters:

  • the front row

  • the editors

  • the catwalk

  • the designers

  • the buyers

  • backstage

  • street style

  • model style

Through her photography of the exciting world of international fashion shows Kirstin Sinclair has captured the mood of a catwalk show both back-stage and front- of-house. Her frank and intimate images reveal the frantic pandemonium behind-the-scenes, as well as the apparent smooth-running of an haute couture fashion show.

Kirstin Sinclair's photography is enhanced by quotes from industry professionals such as Anna Dello Russo, Editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan who says: ″The most enjoyable thing is to dress up at every catwalk show, just like going to an exclusive theatre première″.

Kirstin Sinclair's book offers a comprehensive outline of catwalk history and focuses in particular on the seven years leading up to 2011 recorded during international fashion shows, presentations and parties in New York, Milan, London and Paris.


What Makes this Book So Different?

In writing this book Kirstin Sinclair tells us there is much more to a catwalk show than meets the eye. Through her enquiring lens she brings together the many diverse elements that combine to make a successful fashion show, from the make-up artists, dressers and set designers, right through to the celebrity guests who occupy the front row seats.

The author examines the growing popularity of blogging and social networking, and discusses how these activities can influence the fashion scene. She also looks at how the world's top fashion models dress in their daily life when not appearing on the catwalk. How do their choices influence fashions on the streets? How do their personal choices make or break a collection.

With candid photography and highly readable and most informative texts Kirstin Sinclair certainly does put the reader in the front row. This 304-page book (ISBN-13: 978-1851496617) is amazing value for money priced at just £29.95. It is the perfect gift for any fashion lover.


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