If you're like me, and most Americans out there, you don't look forward to your daily workouts. The trouble is we make workouts a "big" task in our minds so we lose motivation before we even get started.  One way to remedy this is to change how you think about exercise.  

Studies continue to show that high intensity exercise for short periods of time do more for your health and physique when compared to long periods of moderate to slow exercise.[1]  This means an intense 20 minute exercise can do more for your body than an hour long cardio workout.  Better results in less time?  Sounds like a win-win.  But even 20 minutes per day can sound like a long time when it comes to working out.  Believe me, I've been there.  So why not start out with a 5 minute workout?  It's better than nothing and it just might motivate you enough to go longer at some point.  

So how can you do a decent workout in 5 minutes?  It's called the "One Song Workout."  Essentially, it's a list of various exercises to complete for the duration of one song.  Pinterest is a great resource to research different ones to try.  Here's one you can start with[2]:

Song:  "I Love It" by Icona Pop

20 jumping jacks

20 butt kickers

10 tricep dips

15 vertical leg crunches

5 jump squats

30 russian twists

10 jack knife sit-ups

10 lunges

30 jumping jacks

The time commitment is minimal and you workout your entire body is just under 5 minutes!

After this first song, if you feel good and want to keep going, try one or two more songs.  Or if prefer to stop, consider yourself done for the day and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. The important thing here is to get started and make it a routine.  

Let's face it.  We have to make exercise a priority for the rest of our lives if we plan to stay fit, healthy and mentally sharp.  So let's keep looking for ways to make it fun and just do it!