A glass teapot is by its very nature a unique gift it can be presented either as a stand alone gift item, or as a key element of a tea themed gift basket I believe they make excellent house warming gifts I'm sure there are other gift giving occasions when a glass teapot would also make a wonderful present but this is the first occasion that always leaps into my mind because I associate buying a house or just moving home with tea that sounds odd I know but its true.
It was tradition back in the Manchester neighborhood where I grew up that when ever new people moved in to a house on our street, while they were still unpacking someone would load up a big metal tray with a pot of freshly brewed tea and usually a few butties and biscuits (sorry sandwiches and cookies) and march across the street knock on the front door and leave it with them, the pot was A Brown Betty Style Glass Teapotalways a big brown betty, a glass teapot would of been an object of science fiction back then. The newcomer got to keep the teapot or at least for a while until the next new people moved in then it was their turn to take over the cookies and pass along the teapot. No one had any idea who started it but Gran who had lived there for over 20 years said she got the pot when she and Granddad first moved in. It was just a nice gesture that I know made people feel welcomed by their neighbors, sadly we're in different times now where people prefer to keep more to themselves.

But over the years I've given many teapots as house warming presents and hopefully when ever those people brew tea in the pot I gave them they'll have a cheery cup and know that at least someone some where is wishing them well, and think fondly(hopefully) of the person that gave it to them. Why a glass teapot well simply for no other reason than it's the latest craze, it's the new in thing for the trendy hostess to serve blooming tea in a glass teapot to her guests after a dinner party so the new home owner will appreciate this unique gift not only for its beauty and practicality but as a show piece item she can display to her dinner guests. Apart from that I just like glass teapots I like being able to watch the tea leaves swoosh and swirl around the little fat body of the glass teapot as it brews, I find it quite soothing and anything that provides a little stress relief in this overly hectic world is a great gift.

A Glass Teapot Also Makes a Unique Retirement Gift.

Why do I think that because I'm English of course and the British say so many different things with tea? In Britain as here I guess on your retirement if you're lucky the management will recognize your service with the" unique gift "of a clock, sometimes a gold plated clock never really certain what the clock was supposed to represent the passing of time or not having to clock in any more. But from your fellow workers you were often presented with a teapot the first time I witnessed this I not only thought what a unique gift it was to give such a humdrum everyday item such as a teapot for such an occasion as it was given with real feeling behind it, it would be gift of real sentimental value that the recipient would cherish for ever, it was intended to signifying that your friends at work would mark your absence in the tea room on tea breaks and that if you couldn't be their to share a brew with them in person, they were still there in spirit every time you made tea in the pot they had just given you . You would hopefully think of them and the tea breaks you'd all shared over the years every time you used the pot, which for most British people was daily if not hourly. It was also meant to imply that now you were retired it was time to take it easy to sit back relax and take more tea time.

Why the glass teapot why not the very traditional and welcoming brown betty?
Well first off the glass teapot looks way more of an elegant gift than the serviceable brown betty but apart from that if retirement is supposed to be a time of contemplation of slowing down a gear or two, then a glass teapot for me simply epitomizes that, with a glass teapot you now have chance to enjoy tea in away you've never done before , because you were never before given the opportunity as the walls of other teapots are opaque , just as retirement allows us to appreciate things in a different way it allows us the extra time to enjoy new things or old thing in a new way just like the pleasure of being able to watch the tea leaves swirl around the pot through the see through walls of a glass teapot.