Only a few years ago, no one could think that a new OS would seriously challenge the monopoly of iOS in the market of mobile devices. But Android OS has done just that in a time span that is no more than just three years. Android app store is also catching up with Apple app store with the passage of time and among the top Android applications, various social networking and other applications have gained even more acceptance than most of the apps from Apple app store.

Whenever we talk about best applications from Android app store, social networking applications would no doubt be at the top. Considering the popularity of social networking websites in our age, any app store that is devoid of their mobile applications won’t gain a widespread acceptance. Android developers know this very well and due to the same reason, we have some of the most exciting applications for social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype etc.

The Skype app developed for Android market is certainly a delight to use. This app was included in Android app store after constant demands from the users and even though the app itself can still be improved to a considerable extent, the present version of the app is also appreciated by the editors and can be considered the best among the top Android applications.

After Skype, we have mobile version of the Facebook app. This app is also very popular since we know the popularity of facebook in today’s world. Considering the importance of an efficient social networking app for mobile devices, Twitter recently launched its own app with the name of Seesmic which has been made part of the Android app store.

After social networking apps, we have thousands of apps related to education, entertainment, science, technology and mobile utilities. For science geeks and fans of astrophysics, Google Sky Map is a very interesting app. With this app on your phone, if you point your phone to the sky in a clear environment, it would show the stars, planets as well as constellations and would provide guidance in identifying specific celestial objects.

Another application which would be a delight for more geeky users is Astro File Manager. This app allows you to navigate through Android file system just like you do in your ordinary computer directory.

Mobile version of Google maps with the name of Mobile Maps is certainly a must when it comes to top Android applications. This app has specifically been optimized for small screens of the mobile devices and is an essential companion for travel enthusiasts.

Then we have Weather Channel, an application developed to keep the user up to date with the weather forecast and weather conditions of the places that they intend to go. This app provides you weather forecast on hourly basis and gives 10 days weather forecast.

Dropbox is another noteworthy application that allows you to share files and keep them in sync among various devices. If you have a specific file on your mobile and want to share it on your tablet and computer, Dropbox does that for you and you won’t need to go through the hassle of copying and pasting the files.

Similarly, to keep things well-organized, we have Evernote. This app allows you to take short notes as well as images on the run and keep them safe in your mobile. Additionally, you can also save your data online for future reference.

With the passage of time, new and highly innovative apps are being added to Android app store and with each new addition the worth of Android market is considerably improving.