The Pocket Wizard plus III is the all new feature equipped, technology packed powerful radio transceiver that is second to none right now. It’s loaded with tons of options in its 32 standard channels and a quad-zone triggering and the all new two-stage camera buttons. It is one of the most useful tools to carry around for professional photography. With its remarkable abilities, it’s bound to be a hit for the convenience it offers.  

Size and shape:

It has a sleek body carved to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. It also possesses a small body, making it easy to tote along in your pocket or bag. The camera mount lock at the bottom enable it to attach to your camera for smooth usage.


  • It has all the necessary controls that are required on the remote of your digicam. It can trigger shots and turn the flash on and off whenever required. As mentioned earlier, the two-stage camera triggering makes it the best choice if you want to go wireless on your digicam.
  • The quad-zone triggering is the most advanced system this device introduces to the market. It automatically changes the frequency to avoid conflicting with any other transceiver in range. This feature is very useful in crowded areas where these types of problems usually occur.
  • It comes with an extendable range option which lets you choose between two settings (short and long). The long range option almost doubles the distance and the trigger signal operates perfectly. The maximum extendable distance on the plus III is 1600 ft.
  • The traditional test button is present in the center of the plus III; however, it has two operations. It can either be used to wake-up the camera or to activate auto-focus (AF).
  • It’s powered by small AA batteries and can also be powered by an external source using the cable. The small LCD display comes with a backlit option which makes it easier to work in the dark.
  • Unlike its predecessor (the plus II), the plus III has a redesigned hidden antenna. When a range test was performed comparing both the devices, the plus II’s range slightly exceeded the plus III’s but it had noisy signals. The plus III’s antenna is internally hidden therefore it has less probability of collision with any other transmission or receiving.
  • Ø The auto-sensing receiver is also an amazing feature in the plus III. It senses during the transmission of signals. If the device needs to receive any signal, it automatically switches to receiving mode and after the signal is received completely, it then switches back to its transmission.
  • Ø The repeater mode is also a useful feature. It actually repeats the signal to ensure its transmission towards the destination which doubles the speed of the signal, making the transmission even faster than others.