Motorcycle accidents are considered as the most destructive of all accidents that are vehicular-related and its numbers continue to rise in almost every part of the world. But despite of this, many still prefer to ride motorcycles, maybe because of the feeling of being free while driving and the convenience that comes with it.

The freedom that comes with riding motorcycles has its drawback, motorcycle riders are more exposed to hazards not met by drivers of automobiles and others motorists. Riders are more prone to grave injuries or even death in the event of a crash because of the fact that they are lack important protective barriers. Other motorists may have a hard time seeing or anticipating a motorcycle too. Statistics show that motorcycle riders are around 26 times more likely to die in a motorcycle crash compared to someone in a passenger car and about 5 times more likely to be injured.

Problems of Motorcycle Riders
Motorcycle riders face problems on the road, making them prone to crashes and accidents that result in serious injuries. Some of these problems are the following:
· Road Dangers
Road dangers for motorcycle riders may be considered only as minor annoyance for automobile drivers. Some of these hazards include:
· Oil slicks
· Potholes
· Debris
· Puddles
· Uneven pavement
· Ruts
· Railroad tracks
· Other objects on the roadway

· Visual Identification
Motorcycles are more likely to be covered by other vehicles or by weather and road conditions because they are smaller visual targets. This is a problem especially at intersections where about 70 percent of motorcycle and vehicle collisions occur.

· Motorcycle Riding Skills
Most motorcycle accidents that occur are caused in part or in whole by the lack of basic motorcycle riding skills. Riding a motorcycle require more physical coordination and skills to operate than a passenger car.

· Speed Wobble Accidents
The front end of motorcycles may become unsteady and begin to tremble, shake, or wobble especially when a rider drives at high speeds. This predicament may be caused by a misalignment of the rear and front tires of the motorcycle. If an accident like this happens where a high-speed wobble was the cause, the motorcycle's manufacturer may be held liable for any injuries that may result from the accident.

Types of Motorcycle Accidents
The number of motorcycle accidents is rising and is now becoming a common occurrence. Some of the common types of these accidents are the following:
· Rear-end Collisions. - This occurs when a car crashes into a motorcycle from behind.
· Crashes that involve trucks and cars. - These accidents happen when a truck or car does not notice the motorcycle then turns straight into its path.
· Roadway Debris. - These are accidents that are caused by possible hazards that motorcycle riders face almost everyday.
· U-turn Accidents. - Accidents that cause injuries in which an automobile driver unexpectedly made a turn then crashes into an unwary motorcycle rider.
· Car Doors Opening Unexpectedly. - Accidents where a car passenger flings the car door open without looking at an approaching motorcyclist.
· Other accidents that involve motorcycles that may be caused by a vehicle that is overtaking then hits a motorcycle, or a vehicle pulling out of the side road then crashes into a motorcycle, etc.

Los Angeles Motorcycle Crash Lawyers
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