Piranha Excalibur OTF Knife

If you have ever watched a movie on survival such as 127 Hours, which is based on a true story of becoming trapped while hiking, you will remember that the one tool he needed and used most often for survival was a knife. Of course, any old knife would not be a good as a survival knife. One good automatic knife for autodoor survival is the Piranha Excalibur OTF knife. Piranha knives in general are excellent and there are plenty of reasons to carry a good automatic knife with you when out in the wilderness.

Carry a Survival Knife When Hiking

A Piranha OTF knife like the Excalibur is an excellent choice to carry with you when hiking since it can help you build a fire by cutting the wood you need for the the fire. It can also be used to cut wood and other materials to make a shelter in the event you had no sleeping bag and needed to spend the night outdoors.

If you become lost, having a good knife becomes an essential survival tool t have with you since there is nothing in nature that can do the job of a knife.

A Survival Knife for Protection

If you were hiking or camping and became disoriented or lost you would be in areas outdoors where you would be vulnerable to wild animals that could cause you harm. Having a Piranha knife like the Excalibur is an excellent choice to use as protection in the event you are met with any predatory animals.

A Knife can be Used for Gathering Food

In the event you were stranded for more than a few days, you will need to get food and a Piranha Excalibur knife can handle cutting branches off berry trees or cutting roots out of the ground that are edible. In addition, people who have been lost for longer periods often have to use their knife to catch animals in order to have more protein and the skin of the animal can be used for protection from the elements.

The Belief it Can't Happen to Me

Human nature is to think that getting lost in the wilderness could never happen and that is something that happens to 'someone else', but these people that it did happen to also had the same thought, it could never happen to them. Investing in a good survival knife, whether it happens to be a Piranha Excalibur or another knife, is truly one of the best investments you could make. Hopefully you will never need the knife for survival reasons but if you ever do, you will know just how important it is to have with you.

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